Stainless Steel Hair Tie Bracelet - Flower Design

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My daughter loves it!

12/28/2018 by Christina

My daughter always wore hair-ties around her wrist and I was always worried it would cut off the circulation to her hands. This solves the problem of the circulation issue for me and she loves it! It’s a stylish win win!


Great gift

12/26/2018 by Georgia

What a beautiful piece of jewelry & hair tie. My daughter loves it I rate this a 5 as well as all the other items


Great Idea

12/15/2018 by M. E.

Lovely solution to the need for an elastic hair band.
My granddaughters will
Love it.


Great idea, no more marked wrist

11/27/2018 by Patricia

This bracelet is so well made, I bought it for my granddaughter, I can’t wait for her to open it for Christmas. Such a unique gift, I know she will love it.


A great idea!

11/21/2018 by Ellen

I bought two silver bracelets as gifts for my friends. The quality is a great, they arrived quickly and packaged ready to wrap. They will love them, the bracelets are really pretty. What a great, attractive, practical solution!


Love, love , love

8/6/2018 by Kimberly

I wear this hair tie bracelet nearly every day. I get constant compliments and & they make a great gift!



7/26/2018 by Denise

Bought as gift for my daughter and she LOVES it! Very nice quality!


Very beautiful

5/28/2018 by Geneva

This is a gift for a high school graduate.


she loved it!

2/24/2018 by Sylvia

My 28-year-old twins and their daughters all have long hair, and i'd noticed that they would have the elastic bands on their wrists in case they needed to keep their hair out of their faces. Their exclamations of surprise and gladness made my day! I'm sooooo glad I showed them I loved them in this way! Thank you so much!


Looks and performs as promised

1/5/2018 by Dianne

I purchased this as a gift for my niece. She thought it was very clever and a pretty design. She thinks it will be useful to wear for work, so she always has a hair elastic on hand when needed.

The only constructive feedback I’d give is to include information about what the item is/does within the package. Including only the artist’s story was a bit distracting, because you read it expecting it to include an explanation of the item’s purpose ... and it does not. I was happy I was there to explain the gift.

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The bittersweet Story

Your wrist can hold elastics. But this is better.

Flexible Fashion

Want to put your hair in a ponytail on a moment’s notice? Then you probably wear a hair elastic on your wrist day after day (like about half the women at our office). It’s practical but not very sophisticated, and it leaves dents on your wrist.

bittersweet by Maria Shireen® makes sleek hair tie bracelets out of stainless steel. Slip the bracelet on, then the elastic over to rest in the groove. The metallic designs look at home from the office to running errands to a night out.

The story behind the bittersweet is super sweet. Shireen Maria Thor and her husband, Arni, are both engineers. One
Christmas, Arni created a metal bracelet holder for Shireen’s elastics. He engraved her name in Persian (her mom’s native language). But because Persian reads right to left, it said Maria Shireen—which translates to bittersweet.

Shireen happily donned her bracelet out and about, and women kept asking where she got it. The couple knew they were on to something, and the two engineers became entrepreneurs.

Each bittersweet bracelet holds one thicker elastic or a few smaller ones. Now you can be prepared to pull your hair (or your kids’ hair) back while looking put together.
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