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Ventilated Sprouting Jar Case of 2

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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seasonal seasonings

2/13/2019 by Donna

this works well for those times when i'm in the mood to do sprouts, and stores cleanly otherwise.


Sprouts in a few days!

12/30/2017 by Becky

Love the sprouting jar. Easy to use. Should come with a bag of seeds though.


Very handy

10/9/2017 by Cynthia

i make sprouts all the time, and this gadget cuts down on the prep just wish it could handle greater quantity than a heaping tablespoon


I liked it

7/26/2018 by Rose

I thought this was the bee's knees until I broke the glass and couldn't get a replacement. So I went back to my mason jar. Good product, just be careful with the glass.


Not so great

8/12/2017 by Douglas

Looked good on paper but performed only fairly on the countertop. Drainage was inconsistent and seeds had a propensity to fail to germinate but not fail to rot.


Glass too thin - breaks VERY easily

5/16/2018 by Michael

The ultra-thin glass jar broke within 2 weeks with a slight tap. There are no jars with the same mouth width that I can find to replace this. What a pity! I wasted my money.


Very disappointing . . will NOT buy again.

11/20/2017 by Nora

Very disappointing growth.
Nifty idea,
it failed to produce a significant "crop".
It's too expensive for such a poor showing.

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The Bivita Story

Calling newbies and pros. Sprouting just got easier.

DIY Sprouts

You don’t have to be a pro to get behind this home sprouting jar—beginners and experienced sprouters alike will appreciate it. The design creates climate-perfect, mess-free conditions to grow alfalfa, lentils, radishes, and any other edible seeds.

Bivita was engineered to guide you through the process and eliminate the most common problem with DIY sprouting: mold. Its base has integrated ventilation and a steel mesh strainer that lifts your seeds above the water catch-all to keep the environment just right.

You may be wondering “What’s so special about sprouts?” Well, before a seed can sprout,
it creates all the vitamins, minerals, and beneficial enzymes it needs to survive. They’re at this nutrient-rich sweet spot. As the plant enters a more mature stage of growth, those vitamins start to diminish.

Creating your sprouts is simple. Place seeds, grains, or beans in the overturned dome with water, swish, then turn the dome over so what’s inside will drain. Repeat the swish-and-turn each morning and night for the next 3-4 days. And, boom. You’ll have yummy, fibrous sprouts to top off your salads and sandwiches.

Hone your sprouting skills and give your body a little nutrient boost with this smartly designed mini green house.
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