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Dallas and Philadelphia Gift Show 2016 Recap

This past week The Grommet Wholesale Team has been all over the place. We've had a presence at trade shows in Dallas, Philly, and Las Vegas with LA right on our heels. We'll get to the West Coast trips soon, but for now we'll check in on the teams in Philly and Dallas.

The Grommet visits the Dallas Gift Market

Report from the Philadelphia Gift Show courtesy of Alexis Brinkman

Philadelphia was a great show because we were able to stand out. There were a lot of buyers who hadn't heard about The Grommet and excited about us helping them discover new products. Not only were there a lot people new to us, we were getting our first look at Philadelphia which was very exciting. Many buyers said they use Philly as a pre-Atlanta, so I think to have a booth there only reinforces the importance of our presence in Atlanta and other trade shows. We're looking forward to seeing familiar faces at our upcoming trade show stops.
Philadelphia was very intimate. Some of my conversations lasted between 45 and 80 minutes, which is much different than a fast paced, order-writing show like NYNOW or Atlanta. I love a more personalized shopping experience because I can get to know the retailer, their needs, their limitations, and find the products that are really going to serve them best and engage their customers. I received a total of three hugs at the Philly trade show from retailers, so I think it was important step in creating concrete bonds between The Grommet Wholesale and Retailers, literally.


Our coverage of Dallas Total Home and Gift Market brought to you by Ian Markowitz

Dallas is always a great show for us to connect with Main Street Retailers that don’t normally attend larger shows in Atlanta or New York, and hail from smaller towns across America. Reaching these stores has been our goal since day one at The Grommet Wholesale and to be able to live that mission in person is incredibly fulfilling.

We were thrilled to have a trio of Makers with us for our third trip to Dallas. We were joined by Ben Mayberry of Paint Handy, Greg James of BagPodz, and Winson Teh of Tudia who connected with the retailers who stopped by and spent time in The Grommet’s booth.

The best part of the show is meeting new people who were stopping by for the first time this winter (don't worry, familiar faces, we love you just the same). And like Philadelphia, we had a bit of intimacy that isn't always present in the busier shows during the season. When you are able to take the time to explain to people the core of what we do, see their face light up, and hear them say "this is so cool!", it's priceless. A show like this allows us to dig deep rather than just deliver a quick elevator pitch and that resonates big time.

We also ate our weight in Tex-Mex and barbecue including some delicious fajitas, brisket tacos (yes, that’s a real meal, and yes, it’s pure deliciousness), and some corn on the cob thrown into a deep fryer. We even took in the finest ice hockey Dallas has to offer as the Stars avoided a last minute comeback attempt by the Edmonton Oilers to eek out a 3-2 victory. Dallas, we’ll see you again soon!

Are you a Retailer interested in sourcing innovative products for your store? Apply to The Grommet Wholesale here.

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