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  • 6 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    New, innovative products are constantly being added to The Grommet Wholesale. Here are the latest:

    The Brow Gal


    Any woman would jump at the chance for perfect eyebrows everyday. But it's either expensive, time consuming, or both until now. Tonya Crooks, The Brow Gal, a celeb stylist for 12 years, created three grooming tools to bring professional styling into the home. The Skinny Pencil creates natural-looking strokes, provides a fine point, and blends color. The Highlighter Pencil covers imperfections and hair growth. And the Eyebrow Gel holds your A-list work in place all day.  Shop Now


    VR Kix


    For years, virtual reality was only a sci-fi fantasy. Then VR Kix created a headset to access the rapidly growing virtual reality games and apps on Google's public platform, Cardboard. Just place your phone in the goggles and immerse yourself in a 360 degree world. Fight aliens, see Paul McCartney in concert, tour Italy, it's all possible. Founder Joe Elichaa wanted a better headset than the market offered. VR Kix keeps your phone cool with installed vents and secure with a tray to hold it. It's also cushioned so if you get scared by a ghost you won't hurt your face. Yeah, that can happen. Shop Now

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  • LA Gift Market Recap

    We had a fantastic spot at the Los Angeles Market this year, right smack-dab in the lobby. Our booth was a lot smaller compared to the other exhibitors, but when people weren't running for the elevators or asking me to validate their parking, the traffic was great!



    An interesting trend was that people assumed we had a permanent booth (because nearly everyone did) and would often come back down and say "we looked for you but..." Well lucky you because here I am. Despite the confusion, it was wonderful to see people interested and seeking us out in the hopes of finding even more products then I had in our booth. This is only our second time at Los Angeles, but as California is the top Grommet-supporting state, it was encouraging to see potential Retailers following suit.

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  • International Discoveries: Nuremberg Toy and Game Convention

    The Nuremberg Toy and Game Convention served as The Grommet's first foray into the international trade show game. Myself and The Grommet Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne Domeniconi, made our way to Germany and completely unfamiliar terrain for a fresh opportunity of product discovery.


    Day 1

    While confident the opportunity that lay abroad (Spielwarenmesse, aptly translating to “Toy & Game Convention”) could be successful, we were warned the day of not to expect much for The Grommet. All distributors, they said! Worry us, they tried!

    Let me be clear. We. Crushed. This. Show.

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  • 3 Tips for Post-Trade Show Planning

    The (weary) Grommet Wholesale Team returns from the road for the month of February for some much deserved rest. As a retailer, you probably find yourself in the same exhausted boat. With the large trade shows of the winter season concluding, the focus shifts to implementing what you've learned and earned from trade shows in your store. Let us help with that.

    visual merchandising tips

    Collect insights

    Did you attend any panels, listen to any speakers, or talk to other retailers? Write down your learnings and how you plan to implement them. Whether it was a merchandising idea, a social media strategy, or customer engagement initiative, get notes down while they are still fresh so months from now you're not hopelessly wracking your mind for them. Then you can massage and tinker with each until you find how they might fit with you and your store's goals.

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  • 12 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    New, innovative products are constantly being added to The Grommet Wholesale. Here are the latest:



    If something breaks and you grab super glue and not Bondic, the only valid excuse is you traveled back in time and Bondic hasn't been invented. Usable on almost any surface, waterproof and heat resistant, this liquid plastic welder cures in seconds to simplify any household fix. No wonder it was the #1 Grommet of 2015. Shop Now

    TrackR Bravo


    "Have you seen my phone?" "Where's my wallet?" "What did I do with my keys?" Sound familiar? TrackR Bravo thought so and has the answer. TrackR is a small fob that attaches to keys or wallets and can be tracked by phone. Lose your phone? Press the fob and hear your phone even if its on silent. It uses your phone's Bluetooth and if out of range, the millions of TrackR users to find your missing items. Shop Now

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  • Las Vegas Market 2016 Recap

    Like the people who flock to its city for an experience (to put it lightly) they can't get elsewhere, Las Vegas Market spares no expense for the exhibitors and attendees at its trade show.


    Fiji waters flowed freely, each day ended with complementary (and celebratory) beer and wine, and if you walked through the courtyard between the permanents after the sun fell, it felt like you transported to a nightclub in a Bacardi commercial. Vegas sure knows what it's doing.

    And, being veterans to the show after our debut at Las Vegas Market in August, we, too, felt like we knew what to expect.

    Las Vegas Market is a different show than we see in Dallas, Atlanta, or New York. We find more gift and resort buyers, meet people in an area of the country we don't normally, and with the insane amenities the show provides, more people are attending and the market is solidifying its reputation as the trade show of the western states. Of course, it's possible more people were there last week than in August because it wasn't 100 degrees, but who's to Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale at NY Now

    This week, The Grommet Wholesale wraps up its leg of large trade shows with NY Now. With our biggest space and largest selection of new products at a trade show this season, we will be joined by a handful of Makers eager to show off their products and tell you the story behind their creations.


    So if you're at NY Now on the hunt for innovative products for your store, we've got you covered. You don't have to search for us. We're right in the lobby as you walk in. Stop by and say hello, we're here until Wednesday!

    Are you a Retailer interested in sourcing innovative products for your store? Apply to The Grommet Wholesale here.

  • Dallas and Philadelphia Gift Show 2016 Recap

    This past week The Grommet Wholesale Team has been all over the place. We've had a presence at trade shows in Dallas, Philly, and Las Vegas with LA right on our heels. We'll get to the West Coast trips soon, but for now we'll check in on the teams in Philly and Dallas.

    The Grommet visits the Dallas Gift Market

    Report from the Philadelphia Gift Show courtesy of Alexis Brinkman

    Philadelphia was a great show because we were able to stand out. There were a lot of buyers who hadn't heard about The Grommet and excited about us helping them discover new products. Not only were there a lot people new to us, we were getting our first look at Philadelphia which was very exciting. Many buyers said they use Philly as a pre-Atlanta, so I think to have a booth there only reinforces the importance of our presence in Atlanta and other trade shows. We're looking forward to seeing familiar faces at our upcoming trade show stops.
    Philadelphia was very intimate. Some of my conversations lasted between 45 and 80 minutes, which is much different than a fast paced, order-writing show like NYNOW or Atlanta. I love a more personalized shopping experience because I can get to know the retailer, their needs, their limitations, and find the products that are really going to serve them best and engage their customers. I received a total of three hugs at the Philly trade show from retailers, so I think it was important step in creating concrete bonds between The Grommet Wholesale and Retailers, literally.

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  • 9 Products for the Super Bowl

    With Super Bowl Sunday closing in, customers, especially in Denver and Carolina, are looking for products to make hosting their Super Bowl parties easier than a punch in from the goal line. While the idea of sourcing those kinds of products is more daunting than a 3rd and 21, The Grommet Wholesale will help you keep pounding, and clear that high bar by a mile. Those references are for our Panther and Bronco fans. 


    Nothing kicks off a party like a cold beverage and Magisso has a complete roster of Grommets to keep drinks cold all game. Chill a bottle of wine or individual drinks with their bottle chiller, cool tumblers, and ice bucket. All are made of ceramic requiring only 90 second soak in cold water to keep contents cool for up to four hours. The ceramic magically absorbs the water in a process so mesmerizing guests may watch that instead of the game.

    Just as hypnotizing is Spinchill which clips to a can or wine bottle and, through a conductive process, allows warm liquid at the center of the beverage to flow to the edge. It cools a beverage 20 times faster than most cooling methods and the battery-powered device chills a canned beverage in under three minutes and a bottle of wine in under seven.


    Once the drinks are cool, you will probably want to, you know, actually drink them. Use GrOpener to open your bottled beverage and catch the cap with one hand. Want to commemorate your awesome move with a celebratory Dab? Pour your drink in the indestructible and fashionable Barluxe first in case you drop it. And if you want to commemorate the party as a whole, place that cap in the Beer Cap Trap of your team’s state.

    The next ingredient for a complete Super Bowl party is food. Burgers and cookies are always crowd pleasers and party hosts can get great field position with Shape + Store which, quite literally, seamlessly stores these foods while forming them into servable portions. Continue Reading

  • 50 States of The Grommet Wholesale

    We've been saying The Grommet Wholesale is helping Retailers and Makers nationwide for a while now. In truth, that wasn't exactly accurate until Saturday. We secured our first Retailer in Alaska thus uniting all US states on our site. Now we can honestly say we are supporting brick and mortar stores nationwide.

    The Grommet Wholesale now connects all 50 US stats


    Yes, this is primarily a celebratory milestone, but more importantly it shows us there is genuine belief in the power of the Maker Movement. It's not some flash in the pan fad. It is, as we envisioned from day one, a nation-changing revolution.  Continue Reading

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