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  • AmericasMart Atlanta 2016 Recap

    AmericasMart Atlanta is one of the biggest shows The Grommet Wholesale team attends. Three buildings and 60 floors are connected by 24 bridges rising high above the street. This year’s show saw over 100,000 attendees and too many product categories for us to count.


    Our mission at the show (and every show for that matter) is three-fold. We want to let people know who we are and what we do, we want to see Makers and Retailers we work with, and we want to meet new Makers and Retailers with the hope of bringing them onto our site. While we are not at liberty to discuss who our new Makers and Retailers are (yet!), we did see dozens of familiar faces from last year and met hundreds of new ones. We can happily say AmericasMart Atlanta scored a hat trick. Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale Creates Engaged Shoppers

    Look at the products in your house, your store, your pockets and think about where they came from. Do you know? I don’t. I can tell you who gave it to me, maybe where I bought it, but most times, I have no clue whose idea it was or how it was made. I'm always interested to learn the stories behind products though. I'm sure most customers would be, too.



    Sharing tales of innovation, championing the entrepreneurial spirit, that’s The Grommet's seven-year life’s work. I know where my Grommets come from and if you shop here or browse around for what can quickly turn into an hour, you will, too.

    We say this a lot, but it’s true: Grommets are not just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories. We’re here to tell you those stories so you can tell your customers and make them more engaged. Who needs the PowerBall when you can hit that jackpot?

    Telling your customer the story behind a product will blow them away. We see it at trade shows all the time. Luckily, you’re drawing from a limitless story well because we add new products every week. Continue Reading

  • Discoveries and Trends from CES 2016

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest trade show in the U.S. It crams 3,800 exhibitors, their 20,000 products, and 170,000 attendees from all over the world into the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    The show is huge. It’s broken into 26 marketplaces representing a wide range of technology from 3D printing and App development to Vehicle Intelligence and Smart Home. With only two days allocated to tackle this show and find products worthy of The Grommet, we had to move fast.

    Every year, special focus is given to Eureka Park due to its reputation as the “flagship startup destination at CES”. This is where we learn about the upcoming ideas set to release in the next year or two. Here's what we saw.

    The Grommet Wholesale sources new products at CES 2016


    Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale De-Risks Sourcing Products

    There’s risk in sourcing products for your store. That risk is multiplied exponentially when you are looking to source innovative products not many people have heard of.

    If you're to roll the dice and stock your shelves with such products, you want to know (as best you) can the product will sell. And if it does sell, you want to ensure you can consistently re-stock your shelves with it. That's the retailer's dream, isn't it?

    There are a sea of variables in the sourcing game, but The Grommet Wholesale provides a constant.



    If ever you ask yourself when looking at a Grommet, “will customers buy this?”, we can answer with a soothing ‘yes’ in C-sharp.

    First of all, we have a very selective process, only 3% of products submitted to our Discovery Team at The Grommet are selected. Then, when a product launches to consumers, we know within a few hours how they feel about it. We see email click rates, YouTube views, customer comments, and, of course, sales numbers. By the time it gets to us at The Grommet Wholesale, we have weeks of data showing how the product will sell.

    Not only do we vouch for the products, we vouch for their Makers, too. We have established relationships with them eliminating the need to worry about products shipping or receiving invoices on time. They wouldn’t be on-boarded to Wholesale if we didn’t think they were ready for the big time of retail. For you, that’s time, money, and stress saved, and when we can dial all of that back we blast “Sweet Victory.” Continue Reading

  • What's New on The Grommet Wholesale

    This first week of the new year brings two additions to The Grommet Wholesale catalog. For those unfamiliar, every week innovative new products are added to our 14-category catalog. This week's are...



    Tying shoes is one of the earliest life skills we learn. You probably still remember the triumph of mastering the double knot. At this stage in life, however, tying your shoes is annoying. The good news is, it's a task of yesteryear thanks to Zubits. These magnetic shoe closures for men, women, and children, turn every laced-shoe into a slip on. They're strong enough to hold during strenuous activities, but pop off easily with a slight heel touch. Not only great for the whole family, Zubits are especially helpful to those with back or hand pain. If you're looking for a game-changing footwear product, Zubits is a shoe-in. Shop Now



    When storing vegetables, it seems wrong to do so in plastic bags. You should use something made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials. And you know what? Such a product should be made in America, too. Introducing Vejibag. Made in Maine of moisture-wicking organic cotton to prevent rot and slime, Vejibag provides the humidity vegetables need to keep crisp for weeks. Simply wet Vejibag with cold water and wring, rinse, dry, and place your veggies in the bag, and enjoy them fresher, longer than ever thought possible. Less waste and better eating, that's a winning combo for your wallet and stomach. Shop Now


    An exciting first week of 2016 culminates with the commencement of SF Market and the Philadelphia Gift Show. You can find us at both in booths 979 and 1505, respectively. Stop by and say hi! If you're at one of these upcoming shows!

    Are you a Retailer interested in sourcing innovative products for your store? Apply to The Grommet Wholesale here.

  • 5 Must Have Products for the New Year

    With a new year comes a new chapter for your business. If previous chapters don’t include “innovative products from The Grommet Wholesale,” here a few of our best sellers to get you started. Of course, you should probably check out the other 1,500 and counting, too.


    Pocket Monkey
    Having 12 tools fit in your wallet sounds impossible. That is, until you see Pocket Monkey. Then it becomes something you need to have. Everything from a screwdriver and phone stand to a letter and bottle opener, this super durable, TSA-compliant, American made, credit card-sized tool is the ultimate everyday carry that would win ‘Best Minimalist Tool on Earth’ if such an award existed. However, it is a top-5 product on The Grommet Wholesale. It's basically the same thing. Shop Now

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  • 6 Last Minute Steps to Prepare for a Trade Show


    If you're anything like us, you're finalizing your trade show preparation. You're double-checking flights, making sure displays and products are packed up, and wondering where you put your phone charger –you just had it.

    You can run through your internal checklist 100 times, you're still bound to overlook something that leaves you face-palming yourself as the show opens. To avoid that, we've assembled a list of essential but oft-forgotten items to remember before you hit the road.

    Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale 2016 Trade Show Schedule


    Friday marks the start of our trade show season and we couldn't be more excited to hit the road. If you're at one of the shows below, stop by and say hello, we'd love to see you!

    January 8-11: SF Market (Booth 979)
    January 8-11: Philadelphia Gift Show (Booth 1505)
    January 14-18: AmericasMart Atlanta Gift and Home Decor Show (Building 3, Floor 2, Booth 900)
    January 21-24: Dallas Total Home and Gift Market (Word Trade Center, Floor 12, Booth 2401)
    January 22-25: Seattle Gift Show (Booth 3712)
    January 24-27: Las Vegas (Temporary Pavilions 1104)
    January 28 - February 2: LA Mart (Lobby)
    January 30 - February 3: NY Now (NC-1)
    March 5-8: International Home and Housewares (Booth 6857)
    March 13-17: Minneapolis Mart (Marriott - Booth 566)
    April 2-5: Boston Gift Show (Booth 812)
    April 15-18: Museum Store Association Show (Booth 420)
    May 4-6: National Hardware Show (Booth 4424)
    May 15-18: National Stationary Show (Booth 2317)


    Are you a Retailer interested in sourcing innovative products for your store? Apply to The Grommet Wholesale here.

  • The Grommet Wholesale Makes Product Sourcing Simple



    Happy New Year! Whether you’re here for the first time or back for the 100th, welcome to The Grommet Wholesale. We are a place to discover innovative products for store shelves; a bridge connecting a community of Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs with the $4 trillion Retailer business.

    Here’s a quick recap of our existence. We were established June 18, 2014 at the White House. We’re not sure which room, but judging from our co-founder and CEO Jules Pieri’s blog it was either here…


    (That’s Jules in the Blue Room. Hi Jules!)

    Or here…

    joanne and jules white hoouse

    (Jules with co-founder and Chief Discovery Officer Joanne Domeniconi on the sidewalk outside the White House as Secret Service agents TRY to rush them along. We hope it was here.)

    In August, we received the Retailer’s Excellence Award of “Rising Star” from Gifts and Decorative Accessories. Right now, you can browse 1,500 products and counting from 500 Makers and counting with 5,000 Retailers and counting.

    2015 was huge for us. But we want 2016 to be even bigger. And we can’t have a bigger year if we don’t provide a literal haven for Retailers to purchase innovative products for their store. So great news if you own one!

    If you’re unfamiliar, you might be asking yourself, ‘how?’ Fair question. Let's start with the most important.

    Continue Reading

  • Retailer Spotlight: Heartfelt

    Get to know Heartfelt, the latest Retailer in our Main Street series of shops who stock products from The Grommet Wholesale.
    What's special about Heartfelt
    1,000 ornaments and the Bunny Apocalypse—just two of the incredible displays that have charmed visitors at Heartfelt. It’s easy to see why this San Francisco shop has a loyal local following.Whimsically blending old and new, owner Darcy Lee calls it a “general store with a modern twist.” An apropos analogy, with Heartfelt housed in a rustic, exposed-beam building where a dry goods store once stood.You never know what you’ll find, and that’s half the fun. Everything here has a wink and sparkle—and a dose of lovely design. A local flower assortment blooms near the front door. Gift wrapping is free, and the staff is ever-helpful. Vintage-inspired signs compliment the eclectic array of wares, which suits every price range. “Good taste doesn’t need to be expensive” is Darcy’s mantra.Standing in the store she’s built for 17 years, Darcy recalls her dad’s spot-on advice. “Years and years ago, he told me that my endless energy for shopping would make me a good storekeeper. When Heartfelt came up for sale, his words rang true and I bought it.”On behalf of all of Heartfelt’s fans: Thanks, Dad.
    The Urban Muse's favorite Grommets:
    Duke Cannon
    Guys are hard to buy for, and this soap is everything I like in a gift item . . . funny, cool packaging, and practical.
    My customers care about Fair Trade. This versatile, handmade washcloth is good for the body, the kitchen, and others. They feel terrific and—bonus— you can throw them in the wash.
    A giant carabiner that acts like a hook. Need I say more? One can’t even count all the ways this is useful.
    Our Heartfelt neighborhood is full of pet lovers. If you’re a parent to a four-legged friend,  you need this.
    Lilly Brush
    Keeping the parts to kids’ stuff can be a challenge (think Legos).  This ingenious bag makes traveling with small toy pieces a dream. Also works well as a make up bag!
    How one pulls one’s hair back is sort of a big deal. I can see why models have latched onto this item. Finding the perfect hair tie is extremely satisfying.
    Heartfelt's hours and location
    Are you a retailer?

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