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  • Your Checklist For A Successful Small Business Saturday

    The busiest weekend of your year is about to start. Are you ready? Make sure you’re set up for success with this list of quick fixes. Everything from alarm checks to bounce back plans –here are 10 tips to prepare your staff, your patience, and prepare for an influx of customers this weekend. 

    Small Business Saturday Tips from The Grommet Wholesale

    Above: Elisabeth Rickenbaugh at the register of her shop Heyday. Learn more in our series of Main Street shops who stock The Grommet Wholesale.

    1. Book your staff and you have on-call staff

    This is not the time of year you want to be short-staffed. Have a plan in case someone decides to call in sick. Prepare for last minute hiccups and have staff members on-call.

    2. Plan food and snacks to keep staff fueled

    Order  delivery or organize a potluck over the holiday shopping weekend. Don’t leave it up to your staff to take care of themselves. When things get extra busy, there won’t be time to run out for a bite to eat. Have the food on hand for those necessary pit stops in between the crowds.

    3. Have backup supplies in place Continue Reading

  • Retailer Spotlight: Quinstance

    Get to know Quinstance, the latest Retailer in our Main Street series of shops who stock products from The Grommet Wholesale.
    What's special about Quinstance
    Spreading cheer and delight with its collection of U.S.-made and Fair Trade items. That’s the mission of Quinstance, a newly-opened shop in the Boston suburbs. Quinstance is a word owner Erin Sandler invented. “A mashup of the words coincidence and instance, it’s a serendipitous find that makes you happy each time you use it, put it on or look at it.” Passionate about filling a store with exactly such kinds of things, Erin started planning to open one (leaving behind her pursuit of a PhD). As she curated the future Quinstance collection, Erin was surprised by what moved her most: the stories and creativity of the small Makers, the artisans, the people pursuing their dreams one piece at a time.She added another dimension to her plans: selling only Made in the USA and Fair Trade products. We find Erin as inspiring as the Makers featured on the shelves in her shop.
    Quinstance's favorite Grommets:
    Duke Cannon
    I haven't met a man yet who doesn't love these Big Ass Bricks of Soap. Smells like a perfect fit.
    One of my customers said, "That's the smartest thing I've ever seen! For keys." I replied, "And that's why it's there in the name - Key. Smart."
    One for me. One for you. One for Dad. One for my sister. One for Ben. One for . . .
    One of the coolest items we carry. It's literally a film festival in a box! To see these movies without IndieFlix, you need to go to Toronto or Sundance.
    The Coin Laundry
    Gorgeous designs, absorbent towels. My grandmother had towels like these, and I remember us washing and drying dishes by hand.
    To find the best way to store cheese, the Maker of these cheese papers and bags went on a pilgrimage to France. How can you argue with research like that?
    Heartfelt's hours and location
    Are you a retailer?
  • Meet the Maker: Laurie Perrone of Farm2Fashion

    Here at The Grommet our mission is to put an end to nameless, faceless business and highlight the people and the stories behind the products we launch each day. And it's in that spirit that we're continuing this series to further share the stories of our Makers with you. Get to know them better, learn more about their journeys as Makers and entrepreneurs and learn how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

    In this installment we're catching up with Laurie Perrone, the Maker behind Farm2Fashion. Farm2Fashion makes soft, knit blankets and throws with patriotic flair and a commitment to American manufacturing that we can't help but admire. Since launching on The Grommet in May of 2014, Laurie has been busy growing her business, and knitting more blankets than ever. We recently caught up with her to learn more about how she got started in business and what advice she has for other Makers out there just getting started.

    Meet the Maker - Farm2Fashion

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I actually wanted to be a teacher, just like some of my favorites at school. This dream has come true for me in part because I have had the great good fortune over my career to mentor young designers through my work in the fashion field.

    What Maker tool can you not live without?

    My crochet hook and knitting needles – they’re like extensions of my hands. I usually start the design process by testing my new yarns and stitches before I bring them to my factory to develop for production. Continue Reading

  • Retailer Spotlight: Heyday of Bozeman

    Meet Heyday, the latest in our series of Main Street shops who stock The Grommet Wholesale.
    What's special about Heyday
    When Elisabeth Rickenbaugh opened a shop to celebrate life’s everyday moments, “Heyday” was the perfect name.Heydey inhabits a remodeled historic building among the Main Street stores in Bozeman, MT. The exposed brick and soaring ceilings are a beautiful backdrop for the colorful, unique home accessories.Her team helps visitors explore and even knows many shoppers by name. Goods from small Makers, and those Made in the USA, are a big part of the selection. Need a gift wrapped? That’s complimentary.In-store workshops invite customers to push their creative and home-enhancing boundaries—from building the perfect terrarium to mixing a refreshing summer cocktail.Even on the sidewalk outside, Heydey helps folks celebrate the everyday. A bowl of bubble solution and giant wand beckon passersby to play. “All day long,” says Elisabeth, “people young and old make fabulous, huge bubbles that float down Main Street.”Stop by Heyday or shop Heyday’s favorite Grommets below.
    Heyday's favorite Grommets:
    Who doesn't love ice cream? We love the sleek and sturdy design of these ice cream scoops.
    Bozeman-ites are always looking for a great way to take water on all of the outdoor adventures here in Montana. The multifunction of this bottle, too! We like the Bubi Bottle for school age kids too!
    Bubi Bottle
    The water bowl that turns into a frisbee and also rolls up to fit anywhere!
    Made by our friend here in Bozeman, this low profile belt with inner gel is both functional and stylish.
    Cooks Innovations
    This is a great problem-solver! Spreadable and unspoiled butter for your morning toast.
    We thought this was an interesting alternative to Bocci for backyard fun. We love the burlap bag and the hand-made feel of these oversized dice.
    Snake Eyes
    Heyday's hours and location
    Are you a retailer?

  • The Grommet Wholesale is Named a “Rising Star”

    Last week, The Grommet Wholesale received the "Rising Star" Award from Gifts and Decorative Accessories' Retailer Excellence Awards. The award recognizes our unique approach to product launch as well as the Wholesale platform’s simple ordering system that makes it easy for retailers to merchandise Grommets in their shops. We are honored and humbled to have received this prestigious award.

    The Grommet Wholesale

    Below is a video made by Gifts and Decorative Accessories explaining why we were chosen for the award.  

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  • Retailer Spotlight: The Urban Muse

    Holistic day spa The Urban Muse is the latest shop in our Main Street series, featuring main street Retailers who stock products from The Grommet Wholesale. Stop in and see owners Kristin and Tracy in Denville, NJ, or shop their favorite Grommets below.
    What's special about The Urban Muse
    Sometimes the biggest challenges in life create opportunity. That’s the background of The Urban Muse, celebrating 11+ years of helping guests renew their energy and treat themselves well.This holistic day spa, run by Kristin and Tracy Pamperin in quaint downtown Denville, NJ, first became a goal for them after the events of September 11th. They realized so few focus on what’s truly important in life: our family, our community, and ourselves. Drawing on their artistic, creative, and spiritual backgrounds, Kirstin and Tracy created a warm, welcoming space devoted to relaxing, recharging, and smiling. Even in their adjoining retail shop, items have inspirational stories and are crafted from the highest quality materials. If you’re nearby, stop in to The Urban Muse and take time to nurture your spirit and your sense of humor.
    The Urban Muse's favorite Grommets:
    Show your athlete some love and make sure they get through their 10 p.m. run safely.
    Don't worry, you didn't forget your wallet! You’re just enjoying superior wallet comfort. Perfect for anyone on the go who needs quality and convenience.
    See that guy on the treadmill being strangled by his forever-slipping earbuds? Don't be that guy.
    We've all got that friend who sounds like Santa's reindeer when they walk. No more.
    The Coin Laundry
    They say the kitchen is the heart of every home. These products are perfect for any chef or foodie. Super absorbent and outstanding quality.
    Super cute with classic prints, these unique shades add a special touch and couldn't be easier to assemble.
    Di Potter
    The Urban Muse's hours and location
    Are you a retailer?

    Check out other Retailers in this series: Larkellen Boutique in Reno, NV and CorAzoN in St. Paul, MN.

  • Retailer Spotlight: Larkellen Boutique is Hot in Reno

    You’ll feel right at home when you visit Larkellen, the Reno boutique run by mother-daughter team Debi and Mimi Canfield. Discover unique gifts and personal treats from small Makers, including some of their favorites from  The Grommet Wholesale
    What's special about Fa-So-Latté
    For both Debi and Mimi, Larkellen is a labor of dedication and love. Debi grew up in her parents’ antique and shoe shops, where she learned the importance of the right merchandise—and how it’s displayed.“In choosing our shop’s name, it all came down to family,” says Debi. “Larkellen is the street I grew up on in Los Angeles and where my parents still live to this day.”
    Larkellen's favorite Grommets:
    For the baker or beer drinker in your life. This quick and easy-to-make bread is a big hit with our customers.
    We love our men, and want to pamper them as much as we pamper ourselves. A years’ worth of shave gel with fantastic scents, a cool cup, and an awesome brush.
    Napa Soap Company
    We live for a good Bloody Mary and this kit helps you create the perfect drink.
    We might not have beards but we love our men who do. This is manly and rehydrating . . . even better that it is made in Portland, Oregon.
    Portland Beard Company
    Nobody loves their state more than us Nevadans. These state-specific kitchen towels make a high quality hostess gift at a great price.
    It takes all of our might not to run home and bake these little cups of goodness...
    My Cup of Cake
    Larkellen hours and location
    Are you a retailer?
  • On the Road: Connecting Makers and Retailers

    The Grommet Wholesale Team has (finally) returned from a tour of the best trade shows across the country and despite nearly a month straight on the road, we’re reporting back energized as ever.

    The tour gave us the opportunity to share the stories behind the products on The Grommet (with Retailers) while growing our Grommet community in every direction. Along the way, we also had the privilege of meeting many Makers in person, hearing their stories first-hand, and learning how we can help shine the spotlight on their unique creations.

    The Grommet Wholesale - Connecting Makers and Retailers Kellye Kamp from “Butter” - reinventing the high-end drool-worthy kitchen - opening in Dallas Summer ’15


    We’ve put a lot of energy into teaming up with shop owners who are helping the world “Buy Differently.” Their business ideologies and appreciation for independent Makers directly correlates with what we live and breathe at The Grommet.

    Take Dr. Lynn Murray at Pittsburg State University. Not only does she teach business practices in a hands-on way by hosting a campus store, she is now carrying an array of Grommets. Her students have been introduced to our mission and welcome the challenge of creating a “Buy Differently” sales environment in their corner of the world. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish with their Grommet-stocked shelves.

    Continue Reading

  • Retailer Spotlight: CorAzoN in Minneapolis

    CorAzoN is our latest featured Retailer, stocking its shelves via The Grommet Wholesale. If you're nearby, stop in. Otherwise, check out CorAzoN’s collection of favorite Grommets below.
    What's special about CorAzoN
    CorAzoN is a small Minneapolis shop named after the Spanish word for heart. It’s a fitting title given that owner Susan Zdon believes in understanding the people behind items she sells. She carefully chooses products from local artisans and small Makers, and is committed to knowing their stories.

    “It means a lot to us and our customers to believe in what the Maker is doing or what the product stands for. Over the years we’ve become super savvy curators. When you have a small space, you choose your selection carefully.”
    - Susan Zdon, Owner of CorAzoN
    CorAzoN's favorite Grommets:
    CorAzoN's favorite Grommets:
    Who could resist those faces? Functional, whimsical, we’re all in.
    Campfires bring the family together year ‘round in Minnesota. Yep, year ‘round.
    Greener Step
    Smart. Who doesn’t appreciate a waste-reducing solution to an everyday product.
    This is a classic “we’ll never go back to the old way” discovery.
    Thin is in. The days of thick bulky wallets are behind us.
    The nearest avocado tree is 2,000 miles away. We’ll take any help we can get.
    Avo Shark
    CorAzoN hours and location

  • Maker update: Pebble. On a mission to end poverty for women

    Every time you make a purchase or share the story behind a product on The Grommet, your support helps our Makers grow.  We often hear about the exciting things that come after their launch day and we plan to share these stories with you as well. After all, it is your support making such a big impact on their businesses and lives. We recently heard from our friends at Pebble about life since Grommet launch —here's what's new.



    Since launching on The Grommet, Pebble has been accepted into the World Fair Trade Organization. This honor is a testament to Pebble’s important work. This update from founders Austin and Samantha is a very meaningful one. Since joining forces and starting Pebble, they have worked to empower women with living-wage jobs that are close to home. Their Fair Trade jobs give women a safe, viable way to support themselves while staying close to their families.

    Continue Reading

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