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  • 10 Products to Survive Festival Season

    The Grommet team hit SXSW last week as a mobile resource (more on that later) for attendees supplying everything from water and swag bags to the unique and helpful items below. If you missed us or aren't attending, don't worry, this survival guide will be handy for any multi-day festival or excursion. Your Coachellas, Bonaroos, and trade shows, you get the idea, now here’s what you need to get to prepare.

    Tips for SXSW - Juno JumperTips for SXSW - SunJack






    Keeping Your Phone Powered, Clean, and Within Reach

    You know you’re at SXSW when you look around at a brilliant outdoor festival and everyone’s on his or her phone. We don't judge. We supply battery life.

    When JunoJumper isn’t jumpstarting a car, it’s charging a phone four times. Don't let the sun burn you, harness its energy with SunJack to dish out power to your devices. To wipe off the sweat, dirt, dust, and anything else your screen attracts, iRollers will keep your phone looking sleek. And in order to avoid everyone’s worst nightmare at an event like SXSW, TrackR Bravos will find any missing phones, keys, and/or wallets in minutes.

    Tips for SXSW - Your Phone

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