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Tag Archives: innovative products

  • How To Find Unique Products Your Customers Don't Yet Know They Want

    Attending trade shows and browsing thousands of wholesale maker websites are seemingly daunting tasks when it comes to finding new and unique products quickly and consistently.



    With a proverbial bottomless pit of options, it’s hard to know where to start and when to stop, especially when it comes to find those must-have who-knows-whats that will make you stand out above your competition. Here are a few suggestions to get you started finding unique products your customers don’t even know they want yet:


    Form relationships

    Even if your customers don’t know exactly what they want or know they want it, asking the right questions and taking note of which items sell and even which don’t can lead you down the right path. From there, having conversations with your vendors can open doors to new products you haven’t even thought of yet based on customer and national trends.


    Know your audience

    Most online retailers have a “Best Sellers” category on their product pages that are updated as frequently as every hour, so bookmark a few with products that sell well in your store or in your competitors, then check back early and often for more targeted suggestions.


    Take suggestions

    Similarly, websites you frequent might also have “Customers who bought this item also bought” suggestions. Go down the rabbit hole of clicking various products to figure out how other retailers and consumers are navigating the same website. The same method can be used for “Related searches” on your preferred search engine.


    Read between the lines

    Chances are, you’re using the same computer to search for products as you are to check your social media accounts. Put all those targeted advertisements and sponsored posts to use, and start clicking on suggested products that pop up in your feed. Your searches will only become more refined from there.


    Trust the experts

    For better or worse, social media influencers have sway with their audiences. Find accounts worth following that align with your business’s values and products, and use them as a starting point to figure out which new products are coming out and what is getting the most response. Social media influencers are literally paid to stay on top of and ahead of product trends, so don’t discount their sponsored suggestions.

  • 7 Product Learnings from Our First Brick and Mortar

    In October, we opened our first Grommet store and after a whirlwind holiday season, there are so many stories to tell from that experience. Of course, what you as a store owner really want to know is what sold and what sold that surprised us.

    Sure, some top sellers like Pinch Me, Duke Cannon, Peeps, Aftershokz, and Chateau Spill had great results, but there were a number of unexpected products that stopped our guests in their tracks and made them say,"now THAT'S interesting." 

    So, without further ado, here are the top 7 products surprises and my thoughts on why they performed so well. 

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  • 9 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    The Grommet Wholesale team has been touring the country for the last few weeks at a half dozen trade shows. We have even more on the docket so if you're attending any of the ones we are in the next few months, stop by and say hi. During our travels we have not stopped adding new products to our catalog. Here are a couple handfuls of them.


    Everyone has struggled to put on a necklace or bracelet at least once. It can be especially difficult for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. The clasp helpers from Fairy Fastener aim to eliminate the struggle entirely. The heart shaped necklace fastener contains a magnet and securely pins with a snap. The bracelet fastener gives the feeling of growing another hand to easily clasp a bracelet without the weird look of actually growing another hand.


    The most important part of exercise is hydration and with DolfinPack it is always within reach. Made of lightweight, fast drying neoprene, this waterproof hydration pack preserves temperature and adjusts to your body so there’s no bouncing or sliding and you essentially forget your wearing it. Take it from land to sea without skipping a beat.


    A cooler at a BBQ or tailgate is great for a little while, but when the ice melts your food and drinks are just soaking in freezing cold water, taking them out is a dreaded task. The Cooler Tray provides a drainage system for melting ice keeping it away from what you want kept cold. It adjusts to fit most coolers and holds up to 80 pounds to keep your food and drinks cooler, longer.


    When you’re painting, you want the paint tape you’re using to, you know, work. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t. With it’s gel polyurethane adhesive, ‘SnotTape gets into microgrooves that regular tape doesn’t to prevent paint from bleeding and seeping. Adjust it without issue and get rewarded with a clean, crisp paint line.


    Americans are so infatuated with hot dogs it took a Canadian to make a near perfect way to cook them. Slotdog creates crisscross cuts that turn to crispy caramelized grilled hot dogs. The slits allow the hot dog to cook more evenly, prevent bursting, and serve as nooks for condiments to rest in. At your next BBQ, make America proud and cook your dogs with this Canadian revelation.


    Paddle boarding provides a full body workout but only if you’re near a body of water. That is until Hammerhead brought it to land. Handcrafted in the USA from sturdy birch wood, these standup paddleboards come with extra grip, prevent wipeouts, and allow far sharp, smooth turns. The spherical rubber tip of the adjustable paddle provides steering and braking from all angles.


    Every guy wants to smell good, but too much cologne is overpowering and spray cologne should be left to Pepe Le Pew. Walton Wood Farm created a solid, natural alternative to the traditional colognes with a light, subtle scent that won’t knock out any one within a five-foot radius. Perfect for travel, it’s alcohol-free and can last up to year. I’m just going to say it; it’s better cologne if you don’t have to spray it.


    The enjoyment of traveling is always taken down a few notches by the stress of packing, which is why EverythingORGO will be a welcome addition to any traveler’s suitcase. It’s expandable and customizable with pockets and compartments to fit everything you want to orgo. And for those struggling to find counter space, EverythingORGO provides a slice of surface area to work with.


    The smartest tape measure just got smarter. Combined with the new eSmart app, eTape Bluetooth automatically saves measurements to your phone and exports them to an Excel spreadsheet. No more remembering measurements or writing them down. Soon, we’ll just get watch eTape do the entire process.

  • Las Vegas Market 2016 Recap

    Like the people who flock to its city for an experience (to put it lightly) they can't get elsewhere, Las Vegas Market spares no expense for the exhibitors and attendees at its trade show.


    Fiji waters flowed freely, each day ended with complementary (and celebratory) beer and wine, and if you walked through the courtyard between the permanents after the sun fell, it felt like you transported to a nightclub in a Bacardi commercial. Vegas sure knows what it's doing.

    And, being veterans to the show after our debut at Las Vegas Market in August, we, too, felt like we knew what to expect.

    Las Vegas Market is a different show than we see in Dallas, Atlanta, or New York. We find more gift and resort buyers, meet people in an area of the country we don't normally, and with the insane amenities the show provides, more people are attending and the market is solidifying its reputation as the trade show of the western states. Of course, it's possible more people were there last week than in August because it wasn't 100 degrees, but who's to Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale De-Risks Sourcing Products

    There’s risk in sourcing products for your store. That risk is multiplied exponentially when you are looking to source innovative products not many people have heard of.

    If you're to roll the dice and stock your shelves with such products, you want to know (as best you) can the product will sell. And if it does sell, you want to ensure you can consistently re-stock your shelves with it. That's the retailer's dream, isn't it?

    There are a sea of variables in the sourcing game, but The Grommet Wholesale provides a constant.



    If ever you ask yourself when looking at a Grommet, “will customers buy this?”, we can answer with a soothing ‘yes’ in C-sharp.

    First of all, we have a very selective process, only 3% of products submitted to our Discovery Team at The Grommet are selected. Then, when a product launches to consumers, we know within a few hours how they feel about it. We see email click rates, YouTube views, customer comments, and, of course, sales numbers. By the time it gets to us at The Grommet Wholesale, we have weeks of data showing how the product will sell.

    Not only do we vouch for the products, we vouch for their Makers, too. We have established relationships with them eliminating the need to worry about products shipping or receiving invoices on time. They wouldn’t be on-boarded to Wholesale if we didn’t think they were ready for the big time of retail. For you, that’s time, money, and stress saved, and when we can dial all of that back we blast “Sweet Victory.” Continue Reading

  • 5 Must Have Products for the New Year

    With a new year comes a new chapter for your business. If previous chapters don’t include “innovative products from The Grommet Wholesale,” here a few of our best sellers to get you started. Of course, you should probably check out the other 1,500 and counting, too.


    Pocket Monkey
    Having 12 tools fit in your wallet sounds impossible. That is, until you see Pocket Monkey. Then it becomes something you need to have. Everything from a screwdriver and phone stand to a letter and bottle opener, this super durable, TSA-compliant, American made, credit card-sized tool is the ultimate everyday carry that would win ‘Best Minimalist Tool on Earth’ if such an award existed. However, it is a top-5 product on The Grommet Wholesale. It's basically the same thing. Shop Now

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