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Tag Archives: New Products

  • 7 Product Learnings from Our First Brick and Mortar

    In October, we opened our first Grommet store and after a whirlwind holiday season, there are so many stories to tell from that experience. Of course, what you as a store owner really want to know is what sold and what sold that surprised us.

    Sure, some top sellers like Pinch Me, Duke Cannon, Peeps, Aftershokz, and Chateau Spill had great results, but there were a number of unexpected products that stopped our guests in their tracks and made them say,"now THAT'S interesting." 

    So, without further ado, here are the top 7 products surprises and my thoughts on why they performed so well. 

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  • 9 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    The Grommet Wholesale team has been touring the country for the last few weeks at a half dozen trade shows. We have even more on the docket so if you're attending any of the ones we are in the next few months, stop by and say hi. During our travels we have not stopped adding new products to our catalog. Here are a couple handfuls of them.


    Everyone has struggled to put on a necklace or bracelet at least once. It can be especially difficult for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. The clasp helpers from Fairy Fastener aim to eliminate the struggle entirely. The heart shaped necklace fastener contains a magnet and securely pins with a snap. The bracelet fastener gives the feeling of growing another hand to easily clasp a bracelet without the weird look of actually growing another hand.


    The most important part of exercise is hydration and with DolfinPack it is always within reach. Made of lightweight, fast drying neoprene, this waterproof hydration pack preserves temperature and adjusts to your body so there’s no bouncing or sliding and you essentially forget your wearing it. Take it from land to sea without skipping a beat.


    A cooler at a BBQ or tailgate is great for a little while, but when the ice melts your food and drinks are just soaking in freezing cold water, taking them out is a dreaded task. The Cooler Tray provides a drainage system for melting ice keeping it away from what you want kept cold. It adjusts to fit most coolers and holds up to 80 pounds to keep your food and drinks cooler, longer.


    When you’re painting, you want the paint tape you’re using to, you know, work. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t. With it’s gel polyurethane adhesive, ‘SnotTape gets into microgrooves that regular tape doesn’t to prevent paint from bleeding and seeping. Adjust it without issue and get rewarded with a clean, crisp paint line.


    Americans are so infatuated with hot dogs it took a Canadian to make a near perfect way to cook them. Slotdog creates crisscross cuts that turn to crispy caramelized grilled hot dogs. The slits allow the hot dog to cook more evenly, prevent bursting, and serve as nooks for condiments to rest in. At your next BBQ, make America proud and cook your dogs with this Canadian revelation.


    Paddle boarding provides a full body workout but only if you’re near a body of water. That is until Hammerhead brought it to land. Handcrafted in the USA from sturdy birch wood, these standup paddleboards come with extra grip, prevent wipeouts, and allow far sharp, smooth turns. The spherical rubber tip of the adjustable paddle provides steering and braking from all angles.


    Every guy wants to smell good, but too much cologne is overpowering and spray cologne should be left to Pepe Le Pew. Walton Wood Farm created a solid, natural alternative to the traditional colognes with a light, subtle scent that won’t knock out any one within a five-foot radius. Perfect for travel, it’s alcohol-free and can last up to year. I’m just going to say it; it’s better cologne if you don’t have to spray it.


    The enjoyment of traveling is always taken down a few notches by the stress of packing, which is why EverythingORGO will be a welcome addition to any traveler’s suitcase. It’s expandable and customizable with pockets and compartments to fit everything you want to orgo. And for those struggling to find counter space, EverythingORGO provides a slice of surface area to work with.


    The smartest tape measure just got smarter. Combined with the new eSmart app, eTape Bluetooth automatically saves measurements to your phone and exports them to an Excel spreadsheet. No more remembering measurements or writing them down. Soon, we’ll just get watch eTape do the entire process.

  • Maker Spotlight: Mike Mallory of RAD

    In our Maker Spotlight series, you hear from the Makers behind the products on your shelves and how you've helped change their business for the better. Today, we're chatting with Mike Mallory, the Maker of RAD. RAD creates ergonomic massage tools for targeted muscle relief to free up movement and clean up toxins. Mike taps into his experience in engineering, design, and studying the human body to develop RAD's products.


    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    From ages four to eight, I wanted to be garbage man. I mean, who doesn't want to ride on the back of a truck the whole day right? After that and until I was a teenager, I wanted to be an orthodontist. Then I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. My background in mogul skiing and mountain biking and subsequent injuries brought me back to study anatomy and therapy very deeply.

    What has been the most rewarding part of business for you?

    We see people at trade shows that run up to us in the booth, and tell me they've been using it for three years continuously, and it's so key to their healthy lifestyle that they literally have one in their backpack or briefcase and pull it out to show me! I love the fact that our products are able to help so many people and make a difference in their lives.

    Do RAD products make a good gift? Who would you gift them too? 

    Yes! Rollers and rounds are great stocking stuffers and we give them to all our friends and family. We always hear back 'you know that roller you gave really helped my wife's shoulder," etc. Everyone needs a strong, healthy, and upright body. It doesn't matter if they're old, young, athletes, disabled. We've got ways to help that are simple and effective.


    Any advice for our retailers when they receive their RAD order? Where is the best place to position this line in a gift shop?

    It's really key to get the retailers USING the product.  Once that happens, it's all good from there.  RAD Rollers are good countertops and our larger POP's can be placed anywhere.

    What is the best feedback or insight you've received from a retailer? 

    When the retailers use the products and are engaged with them, they work GREAT in retail.  If you use them they WORK! Maybe cliche and not unique, but we have a lot of retailers who simply love the products and share their own stories of how they help personally.

    To learn more about RAD, watch our video here.

  • 6 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    New, innovative products are constantly being added to The Grommet Wholesale. Here are the latest:

    The Brow Gal


    Any woman would jump at the chance for perfect eyebrows everyday. But it's either expensive, time consuming, or both until now. Tonya Crooks, The Brow Gal, a celeb stylist for 12 years, created three grooming tools to bring professional styling into the home. The Skinny Pencil creates natural-looking strokes, provides a fine point, and blends color. The Highlighter Pencil covers imperfections and hair growth. And the Eyebrow Gel holds your A-list work in place all day.  Shop Now


    VR Kix


    For years, virtual reality was only a sci-fi fantasy. Then VR Kix created a headset to access the rapidly growing virtual reality games and apps on Google's public platform, Cardboard. Just place your phone in the goggles and immerse yourself in a 360 degree world. Fight aliens, see Paul McCartney in concert, tour Italy, it's all possible. Founder Joe Elichaa wanted a better headset than the market offered. VR Kix keeps your phone cool with installed vents and secure with a tray to hold it. It's also cushioned so if you get scared by a ghost you won't hurt your face. Yeah, that can happen. Shop Now

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  • 12 New Additions to The Grommet Wholesale

    New, innovative products are constantly being added to The Grommet Wholesale. Here are the latest:



    If something breaks and you grab super glue and not Bondic, the only valid excuse is you traveled back in time and Bondic hasn't been invented. Usable on almost any surface, waterproof and heat resistant, this liquid plastic welder cures in seconds to simplify any household fix. No wonder it was the #1 Grommet of 2015. Shop Now

    TrackR Bravo


    "Have you seen my phone?" "Where's my wallet?" "What did I do with my keys?" Sound familiar? TrackR Bravo thought so and has the answer. TrackR is a small fob that attaches to keys or wallets and can be tracked by phone. Lose your phone? Press the fob and hear your phone even if its on silent. It uses your phone's Bluetooth and if out of range, the millions of TrackR users to find your missing items. Shop Now

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  • AmericasMart Atlanta 2016 Recap

    AmericasMart Atlanta is one of the biggest shows The Grommet Wholesale team attends. Three buildings and 60 floors are connected by 24 bridges rising high above the street. This year’s show saw over 100,000 attendees and too many product categories for us to count.


    Our mission at the show (and every show for that matter) is three-fold. We want to let people know who we are and what we do, we want to see Makers and Retailers we work with, and we want to meet new Makers and Retailers with the hope of bringing them onto our site. While we are not at liberty to discuss who our new Makers and Retailers are (yet!), we did see dozens of familiar faces from last year and met hundreds of new ones. We can happily say AmericasMart Atlanta scored a hat trick. Continue Reading

  • Discoveries and Trends from CES 2016

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest trade show in the U.S. It crams 3,800 exhibitors, their 20,000 products, and 170,000 attendees from all over the world into the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    The show is huge. It’s broken into 26 marketplaces representing a wide range of technology from 3D printing and App development to Vehicle Intelligence and Smart Home. With only two days allocated to tackle this show and find products worthy of The Grommet, we had to move fast.

    Every year, special focus is given to Eureka Park due to its reputation as the “flagship startup destination at CES”. This is where we learn about the upcoming ideas set to release in the next year or two. Here's what we saw.

    The Grommet Wholesale sources new products at CES 2016


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  • What's New on The Grommet Wholesale

    This first week of the new year brings two additions to The Grommet Wholesale catalog. For those unfamiliar, every week innovative new products are added to our 14-category catalog. This week's are...



    Tying shoes is one of the earliest life skills we learn. You probably still remember the triumph of mastering the double knot. At this stage in life, however, tying your shoes is annoying. The good news is, it's a task of yesteryear thanks to Zubits. These magnetic shoe closures for men, women, and children, turn every laced-shoe into a slip on. They're strong enough to hold during strenuous activities, but pop off easily with a slight heel touch. Not only great for the whole family, Zubits are especially helpful to those with back or hand pain. If you're looking for a game-changing footwear product, Zubits is a shoe-in. Shop Now



    When storing vegetables, it seems wrong to do so in plastic bags. You should use something made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials. And you know what? Such a product should be made in America, too. Introducing Vejibag. Made in Maine of moisture-wicking organic cotton to prevent rot and slime, Vejibag provides the humidity vegetables need to keep crisp for weeks. Simply wet Vejibag with cold water and wring, rinse, dry, and place your veggies in the bag, and enjoy them fresher, longer than ever thought possible. Less waste and better eating, that's a winning combo for your wallet and stomach. Shop Now


    An exciting first week of 2016 culminates with the commencement of SF Market and the Philadelphia Gift Show. You can find us at both in booths 979 and 1505, respectively. Stop by and say hi! If you're at one of these upcoming shows!

    Are you a Retailer interested in sourcing innovative products for your store? Apply to The Grommet Wholesale here.

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