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Tag Archives: Retailers

  • Selecting the Right POS System for Your Store

    Maybe you’ve grown tired of doing mental math with a green, transparent visor. Maybe you’ve had an over the counter cash register for years. It’s served you well, but you’re curious what else is out there.

    Maybe you’re ready to throw your old cash register against the wall, but what comes next? What should you look for? Where do you even begin?

    POS system

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  • Motivation for a Successful Small Business Saturday

    This is an exciting week. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, but more importantly, it’s Small Business Saturday—your Super Bowl. Since the day is fast approaching, we’ve got a few motivational words to help make this your best Small Business Saturday ever.


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  • Visit Our Pop-Up Shop in Boston

    You've seen our top Grommets in person by visiting us at trade shows. But if you're in or around Boston during November and December, you get a bonus opportunity to see them at our pop-up shop at 899 Boylston St. (It’s across from the Prudential Center in Back Bay.) You can get an early start on your holiday shopping without waiting for shipping or scout out inventory for 2017.

    See how effective Peeps are at cleaning your glasses. Feel Cactus Scratcher hit that hard-to-reach itch. Take a whiff of Duke Cannon, Walton Wood Farm, and Clear My Head then explore the rest of Boston’s premiere shopping destination.

    The Grommet Pop Up Shop

    We have Nantucket’s TownPool to thank for setting up this see-it-for-yourself opportunity. They specialize in creating visual shopping experiences and we’re thrilled to be a part of this one.

    See you in Back Bay!

    If you pop in, snap a photo and share it with us on Instagram by tagging @TheGrommetB2B 

  • How to Set Your Store Apart This Holiday Season

    Gaining an edge over other shops in your community—that’s a common problem for Retailers. And during the competitive holiday season, the issue only intensifies.

    How do you set yourself apart? How do you make yourself more than just a shop?

    Events are a great way to showcase your shop in a new light. It makes being at your store less about shopping and becomes simply a time to learn and have fun. It also helps you create an emotional connection with shoppers, which should be right up there with revenue on your list of business goals.

    Luckily, many of the products on our site lend themselves to interactive in-store activities.

    Here are just a few.


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  • Let's Connect: Upcoming Trade Show Schedule

    The Grommet Wholesale Team is set to hit the road for the Summer Trade Show circuit, with many more stops mapped out for the summer and fall seasons.  If you're planning to attend one of these shows, be sure to pop in and say hello to our Team (and get your hands on the newest additions to our catalog).


    June 22-28: Dallas Total Home and Gift Market (World Trade Center, Floor 12, Booth 2401)
    July 12-19: AmericasMart Atlanta Gift and Home Decor Show (Building 3, Floor 2, Booth 900)
    July 24-27: Philadelphia Gift Show (Booth 1531-1533)
    July 20-25: LA Mart (Lobby)
    July 31 - August 3: Las Vegas (Temporary Pavilions 1104)
    August 5-9: Minneapolis Mart (Mart - Booth 706)
    August 12-14: Windy City Gift Show (Booth 1023-1122)
    August 16-18: Independent Garden Centers (Booth 1522) August 20-24: NY Now (NC-1)
    September 18-21: Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show (Booth 3053)
    November 2-5: International Gift Exposition in the Smokies - Pigeon Forge (Booth 7620-7621)


    Before you hit the road, be sure to review our six tips for successfully conquering any trade show.

    Stay up to date with the happenings at each show by joining The Grommet Wholesale on Facebook.

  • 10 Products to Survive Festival Season

    The Grommet team hit SXSW last week as a mobile resource (more on that later) for attendees supplying everything from water and swag bags to the unique and helpful items below. If you missed us or aren't attending, don't worry, this survival guide will be handy for any multi-day festival or excursion. Your Coachellas, Bonaroos, and trade shows, you get the idea, now here’s what you need to get to prepare.

    Tips for SXSW - Juno JumperTips for SXSW - SunJack






    Keeping Your Phone Powered, Clean, and Within Reach

    You know you’re at SXSW when you look around at a brilliant outdoor festival and everyone’s on his or her phone. We don't judge. We supply battery life.

    When JunoJumper isn’t jumpstarting a car, it’s charging a phone four times. Don't let the sun burn you, harness its energy with SunJack to dish out power to your devices. To wipe off the sweat, dirt, dust, and anything else your screen attracts, iRollers will keep your phone looking sleek. And in order to avoid everyone’s worst nightmare at an event like SXSW, TrackR Bravos will find any missing phones, keys, and/or wallets in minutes.

    Tips for SXSW - Your Phone

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  • Dallas and Philadelphia Gift Show 2016 Recap

    This past week The Grommet Wholesale Team has been all over the place. We've had a presence at trade shows in Dallas, Philly, and Las Vegas with LA right on our heels. We'll get to the West Coast trips soon, but for now we'll check in on the teams in Philly and Dallas.

    The Grommet visits the Dallas Gift Market

    Report from the Philadelphia Gift Show courtesy of Alexis Brinkman

    Philadelphia was a great show because we were able to stand out. There were a lot of buyers who hadn't heard about The Grommet and excited about us helping them discover new products. Not only were there a lot people new to us, we were getting our first look at Philadelphia which was very exciting. Many buyers said they use Philly as a pre-Atlanta, so I think to have a booth there only reinforces the importance of our presence in Atlanta and other trade shows. We're looking forward to seeing familiar faces at our upcoming trade show stops.
    Philadelphia was very intimate. Some of my conversations lasted between 45 and 80 minutes, which is much different than a fast paced, order-writing show like NYNOW or Atlanta. I love a more personalized shopping experience because I can get to know the retailer, their needs, their limitations, and find the products that are really going to serve them best and engage their customers. I received a total of three hugs at the Philly trade show from retailers, so I think it was important step in creating concrete bonds between The Grommet Wholesale and Retailers, literally.

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  • 50 States of The Grommet Wholesale

    We've been saying The Grommet Wholesale is helping Retailers and Makers nationwide for a while now. In truth, that wasn't exactly accurate until Saturday. We secured our first Retailer in Alaska thus uniting all US states on our site. Now we can honestly say we are supporting brick and mortar stores nationwide.

    The Grommet Wholesale now connects all 50 US stats


    Yes, this is primarily a celebratory milestone, but more importantly it shows us there is genuine belief in the power of the Maker Movement. It's not some flash in the pan fad. It is, as we envisioned from day one, a nation-changing revolution.  Continue Reading

  • AmericasMart Atlanta 2016 Recap

    AmericasMart Atlanta is one of the biggest shows The Grommet Wholesale team attends. Three buildings and 60 floors are connected by 24 bridges rising high above the street. This year’s show saw over 100,000 attendees and too many product categories for us to count.


    Our mission at the show (and every show for that matter) is three-fold. We want to let people know who we are and what we do, we want to see Makers and Retailers we work with, and we want to meet new Makers and Retailers with the hope of bringing them onto our site. While we are not at liberty to discuss who our new Makers and Retailers are (yet!), we did see dozens of familiar faces from last year and met hundreds of new ones. We can happily say AmericasMart Atlanta scored a hat trick. Continue Reading

  • The Grommet Wholesale Creates Engaged Shoppers

    Look at the products in your house, your store, your pockets and think about where they came from. Do you know? I don’t. I can tell you who gave it to me, maybe where I bought it, but most times, I have no clue whose idea it was or how it was made. I'm always interested to learn the stories behind products though. I'm sure most customers would be, too.



    Sharing tales of innovation, championing the entrepreneurial spirit, that’s The Grommet's seven-year life’s work. I know where my Grommets come from and if you shop here or browse around for what can quickly turn into an hour, you will, too.

    We say this a lot, but it’s true: Grommets are not just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories. We’re here to tell you those stories so you can tell your customers and make them more engaged. Who needs the PowerBall when you can hit that jackpot?

    Telling your customer the story behind a product will blow them away. We see it at trade shows all the time. Luckily, you’re drawing from a limitless story well because we add new products every week. Continue Reading

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