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Tag Archives: storeowner

  • When it comes to MAP pricing, you snooze you LOSE

    As a store owner, you know the ease of online shopping is a double-edged sword. Sure, it’s convenient, but for business owners, the underbelly of counterfeited products, price discrepancies, and showrooming, replace the thrill of finding a sale with the disappointment of losing one. The main culprits are usually on Amazon or eBay, selling the same product you are for less.

    These retail giants hijack MAP pricing, leaving you with inventory that’s difficult to move because you’re selling at the actual price. Your overhead costs don’t allow cutting margins to compete. And if sales continue to decline, you’re less inclined to take buying risks that might differentiate you and pay off down the road.

    We call this scenario L.O.S.E. – the Loss of Online Sales Effect.

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  • Selecting the Right POS System for Your Store

    Maybe you’ve grown tired of doing mental math with a green, transparent visor. Maybe you’ve had an over the counter cash register for years. It’s served you well, but you’re curious what else is out there.

    Maybe you’re ready to throw your old cash register against the wall, but what comes next? What should you look for? Where do you even begin?

    POS system

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