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Not so much

3/13/2015 by Samuel

Unfortunately we can't tell the difference. We recieved the BluApple quickly an put it in with the bananas and it seemed to ripen them even quicker so we ended up throwing some away. We're going to do a study and compare with the next batch


My bananas rotted

12/2/2014 by Cynthia

I put my bananas in the basket I always use within 2 days they rotted. I am now trying the apples in the fridge in a bag and in a bag of carrots. Hopefully the apples and carrots will have a better outcome.



9/19/2013 by Jean

I honestly do not see a difference in how fast my fruit ripens or it staying any fresher. This is true especially with my bananas on the counter. I bought two, one is on the counter, the other in the crisper.


so far, not so good

7/25/2013 by Stephen

So far, the bananas in an open bowl with one of the apples are turning as fast as they usually did. I will give the apple more time.



5/16/2018 by Joan

I really didn’t notice much difference in the quality or extended life of my fresh fruits for the duration of the first supply, so I didn’t re-order.



4/23/2015 by Karin

Great idea, but didn't work for me.


Not really sure it was worth it

6/28/2013 by Wickedb

I've had the Blue Apple for a couple months now, and I can't say I've really noticed a huge difference in the life of my produce.
My family uses a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, and we always have stuff in the crisper drawer, so I was thrilled with the idea of the Blue Apple. However, I can't say it has improved freshness or shelf life. The less popular stuff still seems to go bad just as quickly as before. I can say it has reduced the off smell that sometimes occurs with a mix of fruits and veggies in the same space. Otherwise, save your money.

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The BluApple Story

BluApple - prolongs produce freshness

A Fruitful Investment

No one likes wasting fruits and vegetables, yet the average family of four throws away as much as $600 worth of spoiled produce each year, according to the USDA (it’s not all that hard to imagine when an organic apple can cost $1.50). We’ve discovered an easy way to preserve the edible life of your produce, so you have more time to consume it instead of composting it. With this simple little product called BluApple, you can extend the storage life of produce by as much as threefold.

BluApple works by absorbing ethylene gas, which is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables. If ethylene gas
builds up in your food storage area, it speeds the ripening process and accelerates decomposition. Entrepreneur Timmy Chou, who founded BluApple, was inspired by the science applied for years to prevent spoilage in industrial environments like ocean liners, trucks and warehouses. He created a consumer product that makes use of the same non-toxic active ingredient (sodium permanganate). Each BluApple can absorb ethylene gas in a typical home refrigerator, produce bin or storage container for about three months (after that, refill packets are available). Simply place a BluApple where you keep your fruits and vegetables, and then sit back and enjoy them. . . for much longer. Read More Read Less