Liquid Plastic Welder Refill Sample

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Great for quick fix of small items.

10/3/2018 by Jim

I repaired my Grand daughters glasses and used it connect some small wires and it seems to work great.


Can't Use Bondic Without This

9/11/2018 by John

Once you run out of adhesive, you need these!


Helpful Tool

7/26/2018 by Trisha

Great tool for small welding jobs. Used with an LED light to create permanent bonds.


Repairs plastic

7/25/2018 by Alice

Easy to use and it repairs items that otherwise I would have had to throw out.



7/25/2018 by Todd

I have had this for a number of years. I have used 4 refills already and the uses are never ending


Good product!!

7/20/2018 by Terry

This product works really good for just about any repair work you have to do!! Easy to use and take care of!
Thanks for making this tool.


great product

1/26/2018 by Pamela

I bought these for the men in my family for Christmas, they rave about them and needed refills :)


great stuff!

1/21/2018 by Becky

I love it Use it for all kinda of things even in my art.


Work great!

1/3/2018 by Karle

I like what this is capable of fixing. That's why I ordered refills after my initial purchase. k


Used for a year

12/10/2017 by Roseann

I bought Bondix a year ago and reorder the refill. I have used it for ceramic, glass, plastic, and some metal repairs. It is easy and fast to adhear to these materials. Will always have this on hand for unexpected repairs

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The Bondic Story

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Speed of Light

We usually don’t notice how many household items are tough to fix . . . until one breaks. A broken part, even if it’s small, can render an entire device unusable. That makes too much of what we own, essentially, disposable.

But now you can repair that clip or bracket—and almost anything else—with Bondic, a liquid plastic welder.

Bondic isn’t a glue; it’s much better. First, Bondic dries by using the attached UV light, which hardens the substance in seconds. But even better, it won’t dry UNTIL you use the light. So you can figure out exactly how you want to repair a crack or bolster a weak area
and only apply the light when you’re ready. No need to apply pressure, either.

If Bondic reminds you of the adhesives dentists use, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, one of Bondic’s founders is a DDS, and he realized that the fast-drying substance had many more uses beyond tooth repair. Rebuild entire missing areas by layering Bondic. Or fill in a molded area. This wonder substance can even be sanded and painted after it hardens.

Fix toys, eyeglasses, jewelry and more. Bondic works on wood, metal, and even fabric. Use it for craft projects or to enhance existing products, like adding a GoPro mount to a bicycle helmet.

Add this liquid bonder to your toolbox, and your handiness will know no bounds.
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