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Eye glass repair

4/20/2016 by JoAnn

I used it to repair broken plastic eyeglass ear pieces. It is strong enough for regular use in an otherwise difficult repair.


This product really works!

3/8/2016 by Cheryl

We have used this product repeatedly and it always works no matter what the two materials are!!


Wonderful Product

2/24/2016 by Toni

I purchased the unit with 2 refills for my son-in-laws birthday. He loves the unit, he is fixing all sorts of things. I just purchased 4 more refills.


You want to have this in your kit!

2/11/2016 by John

The Bondic is the perfect tool for many jobs. It is quick and doesn't make a mess.


Best fix it tool in 40 years

2/2/2016 by JEFFERY

I am so totally impressed with this fix it tool. My wifes car key broke when a vehicle drove over it. Bonded right back together. I even made a bridge on the top so a key ring could be attached again. $50 replacement
Tail light broke. You see tail lights with tape on them. Not mine. Bonded it. Tailight $57
Washing machine door handle broke off. Bonded it back together. $192 for new door
Water system tubing got sliced open (we wont go into how it happened) Turned the water off, scruffed up the tubing for good bonding. It filled the hole and stopped the leak.
Wifes ceramic duck leg got broke off. Bonded it. Plumber to replace tubing $150 service call.
Dial broke on dryer. Bonded it $20

I have saved over $470 so far on 2 tubes. Ordered 4 more. I do see some reviews that says it doesn't work. They are not scruffing up the surface for the liquid to grab on too. You also need to apply in peripheral areas to reinforce. Trust me, this little invention is amazing if you do the pre-application work. Love this product. I don't do reviews, but this product deserves it!


coolest tool yet

1/30/2016 by shane

this product is awsome works just as advertized


Excellent Solution

1/21/2016 by Robert

The Bondic welder is an excellent solution for repairing stuff that's broken. I have used it numerous times.


It really works

1/18/2016 by Martin

I have used my first tube of bondic and am on the second. I was able to bond a plastic base of a pull cord for window shades to a glass tile wall. I tried about a dozen adhesives which all failed. This held as if it was a single unit. I have a sail boat and used bondic to fill a nav light that cracked and some other applications. I highly recommend this product. It is as much a necessity as duct tape.


future planning

1/11/2016 by mary

completed my set of the bondie kit for odd jobs


Literally the Right Stuff

1/6/2016 by Richard

Bondic is one of those rare products that does exactly what it promises to do. Repairs I have made with it on my delicate model railroad equipment have held up under use. I ho longer despair the detachment of a minuscule but necessary part at a train show. I can fix it on the fly and it stays fixed. I have also used it successfully on wiring, eyeglass side frames and scale models. The beauty of Bondic is that it doesn't dry out, then sets in about three seconds when the UV light is applied. Even superglue doesn't behave this well.This stuff dries strong.

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The Bondic Story

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Speed of Light

We usually don’t notice how many household items are tough to fix . . . until one breaks. A broken part, even if it’s small, can render an entire device unusable. That makes too much of what we own, essentially, disposable.

But now you can repair that clip or bracket—and almost anything else—with Bondic, a liquid plastic welder.

Bondic isn’t a glue; it’s much better. First, Bondic dries by using the attached UV light, which hardens the substance in seconds. But even better, it won’t dry UNTIL you use the light. So you can figure out exactly how you want to repair a crack or bolster a weak area
and only apply the light when you’re ready. No need to apply pressure, either.

If Bondic reminds you of the adhesives dentists use, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, one of Bondic’s founders is a DDS, and he realized that the fast-drying substance had many more uses beyond tooth repair. Rebuild entire missing areas by layering Bondic. Or fill in a molded area. This wonder substance can even be sanded and painted after it hardens.

Fix toys, eyeglasses, jewelry and more. Bondic works on wood, metal, and even fabric. Use it for craft projects or to enhance existing products, like adding a GoPro mount to a bicycle helmet.

Add this liquid bonder to your toolbox, and your handiness will know no bounds.
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