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Liquid Plastic Welder Refill Sample

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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cartridge replacement

1/4/2016 by steve

I ordered another cartridge to replace the one I got with the kit. It was damaged, but still worked. The tip must of got broke in shipping. I just put it back together in the box and use as needed. Great stuff to repair broken things.


works great

12/31/2015 by Donna

Item as described will buy again. Good price.


Heaven sent!

12/29/2015 by Eileen

I bought this with my kit and I am glad as I am sure I will use the provided amount with all the repairs I have stacked up! Great stuff! Especially for repairing Christmas ornaments. Tiny, fragile parts that you don't have to hold onto for longer than a few seconds for bonding to occur. It is fabulous!



12/26/2015 by Paul

The liquid plastic welder works greats. I did not want to be caught short of materials for a repair that might arise, to I bought an extra cartridge. It was a no brainer, as the stuff works great!!!


Works better than messy glue!

12/17/2015 by Neal in Sacramento, CA

Just received my Bondic in the mail yesterday and tried it on an iPad charging cord. Like so many other Apple charger cords, this one separated where the cord meets the plug. I was very pleased that it only took a few seconds to repair. It certainly isn't as messy as any glue pen I've used before...and did a great job that is sure to last for quite some time. No mess + easy to use + is a sturdy fix = I LOVE IT!


About the 'Bondic" welder........awesome...........!

12/8/2015 by Barbara

Well, the first application I made was a true miracle. It was a very fragile reproduction of one of ships that came over to discover America in dainty filigree. The foot stool was separated from the ship, it took me hours before and hold it together until the super glue solidified. This worked in less than three seconds.........I'm not lying...3 second, a very secure fit.

Now, the downside was, the lead you have in your compartment to hold the liquid. My unit did not have the middle second that held the liquid for pin point application as to where you want to place it. I had to open the cap and put just a very small amount on the foot of the ship's holder in order for me to use the liquid, to solidify it. Simple question, why didn't my unit have that piece to automatically come out, or is there something I need to switch to get that out. OK, what didn't I read...........



love it, a must-have tool

12/3/2015 by Paul

This is a must-have for any handyman's toolkit. I plan on giving them as gifts to friends and family, the folks who enjoy fixing things or tinkering. This stuff does what nothing else can, and quickly. The speed makes many repairs feasible - and fun - that would be so painfully time-consuming with conventional materials that I'd just set the broken item aside to do 'later'.

I noticed some reviewers were disappointed to find it isn't a magic wand, and doesn't do miracles. Bondic can't think for you; effective repairs require having a strategy, doing careful surface prep, and, if visuals matter, sanding, shaping or polishing.

It's been a pleasant surprise to find how many broken things could be fixed with just a little fluid. To completely empty the tube, it helped to store it vertically, with tip down.

The only shortcomings I've found are need for careful surface prep, and limited adhesion to some materials, which limited the strength of repair. I also found the dispenser tube was fragile - two refills arrived cracked near the cap, with liquid oozing out. Didn't lose a lot of material, and found that the dispenser unscrews from the reservoir, so I transferred the original dispenser to the new tube. I also wish the LED was powered with 2032 coin cells rather than the 2016s; it would add only a little thickness to the LED assembly but would give substantially better battery life.


Bondic Refill

12/2/2015 by Karen

I haven't used the refill yet, but the rate I'm going, I'm sure I'll be using it soon!



12/1/2015 by Susan

I LOVE this stuff! Has bonded every time & the fact that it it clear, makes repairs look really good.



11/30/2015 by Ronald W

Work as stated but will not stick to everything, but will work for what I need it to do good product *****

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The Bondic Story

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Speed of Light

We usually don’t notice how many household items are tough to fix . . . until one breaks. A broken part, even if it’s small, can render an entire device unusable. That makes too much of what we own, essentially, disposable.

But now you can repair that clip or bracket—and almost anything else—with Bondic, a liquid plastic welder.

Bondic isn’t a glue; it’s much better. First, Bondic dries by using the attached UV light, which hardens the substance in seconds. But even better, it won’t dry UNTIL you use the light. So you can figure out exactly how you want to repair a crack or bolster a weak area
and only apply the light when you’re ready. No need to apply pressure, either.

If Bondic reminds you of the adhesives dentists use, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, one of Bondic’s founders is a DDS, and he realized that the fast-drying substance had many more uses beyond tooth repair. Rebuild entire missing areas by layering Bondic. Or fill in a molded area. This wonder substance can even be sanded and painted after it hardens.

Fix toys, eyeglasses, jewelry and more. Bondic works on wood, metal, and even fabric. Use it for craft projects or to enhance existing products, like adding a GoPro mount to a bicycle helmet.

Add this liquid bonder to your toolbox, and your handiness will know no bounds.
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