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Starter Kit Case of 24

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Gadget friendly

7/9/2017 by Susan

My gadget friendly husband was pretty happy to get it for his birthday.


Patch anything with this

5/23/2017 by Gina

Bondic arrived quickly and securely. Already, I've used it to repair eyeglasses, a cup, and a dog collar. No more sticking your fingers together with superglue!



5/3/2017 by Janna

I've not used it very much so my comments are limited. I'm not sure if it's worth having.


Worked on some

6/23/2019 by Janice

I had a clock radio cord that kept falling out
so I thought this would be perfect to glue
it in for good but it still would keep coming
out -I did use it for some broken glasses
and it worked


Not exactly what I thought

2/14/2019 by Sandra

Product worked okay. But it wasn't as novel as I expected it to be.


Just don't order a refill…

1/28/2019 by John

While I like the initial product, the refill comes in an impenetrable cardboard/plastic case. By the time I had liberated the refill from the case, the applicator tip had broken off, leaving me with a tube of flowing goo that could not be directed onto the crack in the plastic I was intending to repair. At least not without the aid of a toothpick. Also violated health guidelines by getting said goo on my fingers. I would highly recommend (and should have used) scissors to free the glue tube. As it is, the refill only got to see one (small) use.

Another issue, directions say to hold the LED lamp for a max of 10 seconds AT LEAST 25" from your eye. Hope you've got some long arms that are coordinated at full stretch.

Other than that, cool product.



7/25/2018 by Autumn

Seemed like a great gift for the boyfriend but I found out later that it was only "ok" & the cartridge leaked & he really didn't get to use it much. I didn't know any of this until weeks later because god forbid he tells me it's faulty when I can actually do something about it. So, yeah, I'm sure dudes that actually tell their girlfriends things in timely fashions could fix this minor issue. I could not & I'm apparently still salty over it months later.


Broken Van Key

4/3/2018 by Jacqueline

The only key we have to our van broke. The small "loop" on it that you use to attach to your keychain was no longer a "loop" and could no longer attach to the rest of my husband's keys. I ordered this product so he could fix that (he was always misplacing the key and it being the only one we had...this was not good).

He used it immediately and formed a new "loop" onto the key (it's a rather large, bulky key with the microchip feature in it, so replacing it would be very expensive). He was able to build the Bondic out from the key and after it sufficiently dried using the light, he was able to drill a hole into the Bondic to allow him to attach it to the rest of his keys.

It lasted for about 2 weeks. Just the other day, it came off of the key. Perhaps the surface of the key he adhered the Bondic to wasn't prepped enough (roughed up with some sandpaper or something)? Not sure. I'm thinking about ordering some more of this so he can try this again; he still has the light "welder".

There's not alot of the Bondic in the container you receive so I would definitely have to order some more for him to try again.

Thanks again for all of your innovative products!


Not very strong

12/23/2018 by Evelyn

Leaves a glob of plastic that easily cracks.


Difficult to use

7/25/2018 by JoAnn

This doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. Difficult to use on certain types of problems. Didn't hold up on the computer wires we repaired.

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The Bondic Story

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Speed of Light

We usually don’t notice how many household items are tough to fix . . . until one breaks. A broken part, even if it’s small, can render an entire device unusable. That makes too much of what we own, essentially, disposable.

But now you can repair that clip or bracket—and almost anything else—with Bondic, a liquid plastic welder.

Bondic isn’t a glue; it’s much better. First, Bondic dries by using the attached UV light, which hardens the substance in seconds. But even better, it won’t dry UNTIL you use the light. So you can figure out exactly how you want to repair a crack or bolster a weak area
and only apply the light when you’re ready. No need to apply pressure, either.

If Bondic reminds you of the adhesives dentists use, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, one of Bondic’s founders is a DDS, and he realized that the fast-drying substance had many more uses beyond tooth repair. Rebuild entire missing areas by layering Bondic. Or fill in a molded area. This wonder substance can even be sanded and painted after it hardens.

Fix toys, eyeglasses, jewelry and more. Bondic works on wood, metal, and even fabric. Use it for craft projects or to enhance existing products, like adding a GoPro mount to a bicycle helmet.

Add this liquid bonder to your toolbox, and your handiness will know no bounds.
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