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Book Darts

18 Count Sleeve - Mixed Metal Case of 4

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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book club

11/8/2019 by cynthia

These are excellent to refer back to passages for book club discussions.



2/28/2019 by James

I have this habit of reading about three books at a time, especially if they have competing themes. Your usual bookmarks not only are clumsy but leave you with a marked page. Book Darts let you mark page and line where you left off, and they are completely unobtrusive. Wouldn't trade the world for them.

p.s. Book Darts don't wear out, tear, or accidentally fall out.


Book Darts

2/14/2019 by Sandra

They are so handy! You can mark pages in you book without hurting the pages. You can use them to mark pages in a magazine, for a recipe you want to try or a story you want to come back to read. They are just the right size.


Great for all books!

9/28/2018 by Julie

This was a gift and it was successful in not marring up a book! Hooray!


They work!

9/21/2018 by Julie

Happy to support a "local" these are terrific for the text books or other reads! Thank you!



7/26/2018 by Aspen

These are super handy! I like that I can mark the places without marking the page up in any permanent way!



5/15/2018 by Keith

These are invaluable for any serious reader


Gr8 old friends

5/15/2018 by Mark

I found these yrs ago and loved them. I was guarding my last couple with my life. Then I ordered these and am now a happy camper with my cherished book darts.



12/28/2017 by Donna

I love having these little beauties to save my book pages. Such a great little marker so you don’t have to bend a page or have pieces of paper sticking out of your books. Now I’ve started marking pages in my cook books and I’m going to have to order more.


Awesome for cookbooks

11/18/2017 by Pat

These are THE best thing for flagging the favorite recipes in cookbooks without destroying the book. Use them on a regular basis and gift them all the time.

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The Book Darts Story

Book Darts - Metal Line Markers

Take Note

Former high school teacher Bob Williams and his wife Jeanette created Book Darts to enable students and booklovers to mark their pages and notable passages without leaving a lasting mark.

With Book Darts, you can quickly and easily note and relocate meaningful lines of text for future reference and discussion on books both borrowed and owned. Unlike paper clips that leave a dent and sticky notes that can be an eyesore, Book Darts are safe, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

An elegant alternative to highlighting, underlining, and folding page corners, these precision-cut, paper thin,
metal line markers are just the thing for students who need to keep their books in good condition for re-use or resale. One tester found Book Darts especially useful for tagging recipes in her cookbooks. Made in the USA and packaged in a gift-ready tin, Book Darts let bookworms both mark and preserve the beauty of the written word. Read More Read Less