Book Darts

Metal Line Markers - 125 Pack

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10/2/2020 by Nancy

This is my 12th??? box of metal line markers. In these days in Pandemicville, it's nice to be able to order, and have quickly delivered, from home. They're the same ones I've been buying at independent book stores for a number of years. Thanks for carrying them!


Love Book Darts

9/22/2020 by Charlie

I use many to mark favorite passages and facts. They are secure, yet do no damage to the page. I also love the look of bronze. Great product.


Great way to keep your spot

8/18/2020 by Tyson

This marker easily slides into place and holds its spot. It has been a lifesaver both at work and at home.


Excellent Product

8/11/2020 by James

As soon as I got the darts I knew they were made by a craftsman. The label was exquisit. The band holding the lid was exactly the right size. The can was designed perfectly. And the DARTS are wonderful. The can is a little hard to get open, but a flat blade jeweler's screw driver works great. Unfortunately this is a precision "buggy wip" product. e-readers will kill it. When the craftsman retires noone else will be able to equal the quality. So I urge you to get them while you can.


Great for All!

8/3/2020 by Tyson

These are well crafted and durable. They do exactly what they advertise. These are indispensable for any individual working with many paper documents. Great all around.


Very nice.

7/31/2020 by Barbara

They are everything I expected. I have given a few of them away along with Devotionals for a nice touch. They are very well made. If I run out or give them all away I will order another tin.


I love these!

7/20/2020 by Cheryl

Delicate product does not mar the pages, easy to use. Good value.



5/4/2020 by Stephanie

I often want to save pages in books that I read. What I love most about these is their thinness. They hold your place without damaging the pages.


Exactly what I was looking for!

1/4/2019 by Jamie

First I must say that this developer is very fast at getting out orders! When I first stumbled across this product I had the idea to use the 125 pack as book markers in my wedding planning book and they couldn't be more perfect! Not only for the very sleek, luxurious design, but also with the ease to store and use. They are incredibly thin and very sturdy. All around amazing purchase.


Gift for family

7/27/2018 by Cristina

They all loved these little gems! Great!

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The Book Darts Story

Book Darts - Metal Line Markers

Take Note

Former high school teacher Bob Williams and his wife Jeanette created Book Darts to enable students and booklovers to mark their pages and notable passages without leaving a lasting mark.

With Book Darts, you can quickly and easily note and relocate meaningful lines of text for future reference and discussion on books both borrowed and owned. Unlike paper clips that leave a dent and sticky notes that can be an eyesore, Book Darts are safe, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

An elegant alternative to highlighting, underlining, and folding page corners, these precision-cut, paper thin,
metal line markers are just the thing for students who need to keep their books in good condition for re-use or resale. One tester found Book Darts especially useful for tagging recipes in her cookbooks. Made in the USA and packaged in a gift-ready tin, Book Darts let bookworms both mark and preserve the beauty of the written word. Read More Read Less