Book Darts

Metal Line Markers - 125 Pack

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Great Product!

11/21/2014 by Glenn

I purchased these for a gift. While I have not received any feedback fro the recipient, I can say that I was impressed with the quality and how well they worked. Pages and items on a page are easily indentifiable without leaving and permanent marks on the page.


perfect solution

10/27/2014 by Lisa

I wish I could buy these for everyone I know that reads. (I think that's everyone!) But I'mm keeping this one just for me with no shares. I love them. They do just exactly what they say they'll do. I can't wait to get the multi colored ones.


Love them

10/16/2014 by Kay

I can't rave enough about these. So many, many different ways to use them, way better than paper clips too. Thank you!



10/9/2014 by RogerG

Perfect in every way - exactly what I needed! I stopped dog-ear'ing long ago, and started using small post-it notes instead, but these had to 'stick out from the page edges to work, and that just made my books untidy. Book darts eliminate all such problems elegantly and efficiently - thanks a million!


Love it!

10/2/2014 by Sharon

Cool container, doesn't leave a mark on the page.


Book club highlights

10/2/2014 by tina

My book club thought they were great.


Excellent product

10/1/2014 by Victoria

I bought the whole offer. I find them fabulous, useful, discreet and an excellent Christmas Gift


Great product, great price

9/29/2014 by Chris

These book darts are amazing! They work very well, easy to put on and easy to remove! Reusable. Bought two tins, great price.


Great Idea

9/29/2014 by Elizabeth

I bought all three colors. One set for me. They are really nice. I love to mark my places in books, and I use a lot in cookbooks. These are perfect. I bought two other sets for college students.


Great Product

9/29/2014 by kent

Very fine product! I've enjoyed giving them as gifts.

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The Book Darts Story

Book Darts - Metal Line Markers

Take Note

Former high school teacher Bob Williams and his wife Jeanette created Book Darts to enable students and booklovers to mark their pages and notable passages without leaving a lasting mark.

With Book Darts, you can quickly and easily note and relocate meaningful lines of text for future reference and discussion on books both borrowed and owned. Unlike paper clips that leave a dent and sticky notes that can be an eyesore, Book Darts are safe, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

An elegant alternative to highlighting, underlining, and folding page corners, these precision-cut, paper thin,
metal line markers are just the thing for students who need to keep their books in good condition for re-use or resale. One tester found Book Darts especially useful for tagging recipes in her cookbooks. Made in the USA and packaged in a gift-ready tin, Book Darts let bookworms both mark and preserve the beauty of the written word. Read More Read Less