Book Darts

Metal Line Markers - 125 Pack

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9/21/2014 by Janel

These past the true test, I bought these for my insatiable book reading daughter and she just loves them! Thank You! Janel



9/19/2014 by janet

These come in a handy tin and are easy to carry. They are very thin but sturdy and do not mar the pages at all. They are easy to use, both on and off. I plan to order more!


Useful and good looking.

9/17/2014 by Barbara

A perfect way to mark a page or highlight a line of text, or to keep a favorite poem immediately accessible. Lightweight and easy to use.


Love them

9/17/2014 by Sandra

Love these! Use them everywhere: books, magazines, catalogues, papers, reports etc.


I love them, they're perfect.

9/17/2014 by Christine

I love these! I love the three different types of metal in three different colors, which allow one to differentiate between types of notes. I love how well made they are, filed nicely so there are no rough edges, and especially the tiny little bend on the back side to allow one to slip it easily onto a page. I make jewelry and do metal smithing and I appreciate the care and attention to detail in these darling little darts. First I bought a tin of copper ones for myself; then I bought the four packets to give as gifts and have some of the different metals for myself. I love these. I want a tin of each for myself. They are wonderful and can be used again and again. What more can I say? As a Virgo, I think these are perfect.


It Works

9/16/2014 by Sandi

Great purchase. I have about 15 Bible versions and the pins do their job so I can find and keep my place in responding spots in the Bible's. Thanks for the opportunity to get them!!


No more dog eared pages.

9/16/2014 by Mary

The bookmarks are perfect and exactly what I needed to mark pages without dog earring each page. Very satisfied.


Simplicity at its Best

9/16/2014 by Kelly

Simple, functional and elegant.

On Target !


Best Bookmarks Ever

9/16/2014 by Kathy

I have loved these for years. They are easy to use, lie flat in the book and don't mark the pages. You can leave them in permanently without damaging the book or easily remove them.


Very good product

6/27/2019 by Shawn

Have found some uses for them plus some uses not utilized yet.

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The Book Darts Story

Book Darts - Metal Line Markers

Take Note

Former high school teacher Bob Williams and his wife Jeanette created Book Darts to enable students and booklovers to mark their pages and notable passages without leaving a lasting mark.

With Book Darts, you can quickly and easily note and relocate meaningful lines of text for future reference and discussion on books both borrowed and owned. Unlike paper clips that leave a dent and sticky notes that can be an eyesore, Book Darts are safe, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

An elegant alternative to highlighting, underlining, and folding page corners, these precision-cut, paper thin,
metal line markers are just the thing for students who need to keep their books in good condition for re-use or resale. One tester found Book Darts especially useful for tagging recipes in her cookbooks. Made in the USA and packaged in a gift-ready tin, Book Darts let bookworms both mark and preserve the beauty of the written word. Read More Read Less