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Love Colorku

8/2/2020 by Cristina

I received Colorku and was impressed with the entire package. I solved the problem of not moving the Stay Put Balls. Went to Pharmacy and got mini colored rubber bands in the Ladies section where you get Scrunches, headbands, brushes, etc. They fit perfectly snug. Now I know which balls must remain put. Also, went to Container Store and found the exact size Box to store the game. It comes with a handle so it’s easy to pick up and go. It has plenty of Height space to include the box of cards. It was sitting on the shelf where the smaller boxes are located. I highly recommend getting this plastic box. Take your Colorku Lid with you to measure and pick up the right box.


Great Game

7/31/2020 by James

I bought this for my wife. Then had to buy another one for my granddaughter, so they could play together when we visit them.
They BOTH LOVE IT! Really a great game.


Awsome !!!

7/26/2020 by Lee Ann

i love it... i play colorku every morning while i drink coffee...


Good Activity

7/24/2020 by carolann

I really like my ColorKu game. I can play alone or with my granddaughter. It's well made and pretty colors. I would recommend this for sure!


Great game

7/20/2020 by Blanca

It is fun to play with others or by yourself.


I LOVE this game!

6/18/2020 by Cathy

My friend sent this for my birthday (I'm 61), and I am addicted! I have played Soduku but never got past the first level, and was never "hooked," but I find the colors so much more fun/more "visual." I have one little suggestion that would make it better: If you could possibly have the "frame" around the outside be even lower (maybe 1/2") than the game part. I play it in my lap while watching TV, so I leave it in the box and the extra balls around the sides. Occasionally one will roll into a spot and I won't notice. If the outside frame were more like a "trough" that would work too. Just a suggestion that would make it PERFECT.


Great Activity!

4/10/2020 by Sarah

I love challenging myself with ColorKu each day. The game is as described and was processed quickly. Perfect activity to occupy my time.


Very nice!

1/11/2020 by Sonar

This is well made and great for my nephew and his grandmother to play together! Nice concept!


love it!

12/30/2019 by Sharon Smith

This was a gift. Got to me very quickly. Made very well. Looks like it will stand up to lots of play time.

Very happy with this purchase!


Turns a solo game into a group game

12/19/2019 by MIMI

My extended family, including three generations, love this game. It's fun to play alone, just as you would regular paper and pencil Sudoku, or becomes a family board game.

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The ColorKu Story

Mad Cave Bird Games - Colorku

Play in Color

Erasing is an inevitable part of Sudoku… or is it?

Dr. Mark Asperheim was tired of repeatedly scribbling and erasing to finish newsprint Sudoku puzzles, and he imagined a more colorful option. Mark started brainstorming with his partner, Cris Van Oosterum, and the two founded Mad Cave Bird Games to bring their vision to life.

ColorKu uses wooden marbles instead of numbers to solve puzzles. Like Sudoku, the object of ColorKu is to fill a 9x9 grid so that every row and column has nine different colored marbles with no repeats, and each 3x3 grid also has nine different colored marbles with no
repeats. The marbles make it easy for players to move the colors around, trying different combinations without constantly erasing. The ColorKu set includes 81 balls in nine different colors, 104 puzzle cards, solutions booklet, color conversion card, and storage tray.

If you want to add a colorful dimension to family game night, Colorku is ready to play.
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