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Great idea for little ones

3/17/2020 by karen

My grandaughter loves it and uses it every time she's on her ipad which is pretty often


So light!

3/3/2020 by Dot

I ordered this tablet holder a few years ago. My brother saw me carrying my ipad around with it and saw how easy it was to carry and hold. He just got a tablet so I ordered one for him. Other covers just add weight and with arthritic hands makes it too heavy. You can change your grip with this and find what is comfortable for you.


good tablet handle

11/2/2019 by Brian

holding onto a larger tablet for hours a day at work this was the best, easiest solution



2/13/2019 by Cynthia

The best item so far. I bought several of them. Using both, one for my IPad and the other for my Kindle. Great purchase. Will be buying more as gifts. I love your unique items.


iPad carrier

11/27/2018 by larry

It’s a handy device to use with my iPad when I need to carry for use.


excellent product!

11/10/2018 by rande

so easy to use and hold an ipad
really works well!


Crazy good!

10/8/2018 by Harry

This is my second, as my wife absconded with my original. This makes handling my 10" pad so much easier, honest-to-goodness one hand operation. I really appreciate it mounts right over my case, too, don't have to make hasty changes on the fly. this stays on my pad 24/7. Wonderful!


it works

10/8/2018 by vickey

This is a nice handle to hold on to the I Pad with. Works as described. Need more color choices. They showed a pink but not one that could be purchased.


It Works

9/29/2018 by Susan

holding on to an iPad to read or play games is hard. the darn thing is heavy. This simple little holder makes it possible to hold it more comfortably for longer. You can loop your fingers through the holder in a few different ways and change the weight.
My only small caveat is that you need to be careful to push it away from the volume controls.
I'm very pleased with this product.


Brilliant product

9/28/2018 by Gary

Brilliant design, simple to use very functional and durable. Had another back strap design holder and enjoy this one much more. Far more flexible and being able to stuff a stress ball in the back to prop for viewing was a terrific idea.

Grommet is a stroke of genius! What a great way to highlight new and interesting innovations; easy to work with and terrific customer support. Thanks for all you do to support the innovation movement!

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The Padlette Story

Padlette - One-Handed Tablet Handle

Artfully Mobile

Padlette is a tablet hand strap that makes holding a tablet with one hand easy. Stretch the silicone over two opposing corners, and one-handed interaction becomes natural. Even gesturing or walking along, Padlette stays put.

Tablets make technology more mobile, so they’re prone to being dropped. We cover them with cases hoping to minimize the damage. But Padlette takes a different approach, giving you more mobility while minimizing the risk of dropping.

Founder Hank Baker was camping when he realized how hard it is to hold a tablet while sitting or moving. Inspired by the way painters hold a
palette, Hank came up with the design and the name.

Designed to fit most major tablets, Padlette even fits over a case. You can choose which top corner to hook it on to, with a simple design that makes it a snap to attach and remove.
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