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Handy Tool

10/21/2020 by Loretta

Nice tool. So far I have only addressed envelopes with it, but it is very easy to keep the lines straight. Very glad I bought it.


Helped with mailing of mass post cards

10/19/2020 by Joyce

I used t=out-to tame my very large printing.


Love this stencil

7/20/2020 by Caroline

Keeps your writing straight and so pretty.



6/22/2020 by Linda

I really like this! I do mostly printing and like everything properly aligned and this does the trick!
Cards and stamps are expensive and I want mine to arrive looking great. I've used a ruler but it takes too much time to do what this does!



5/4/2020 by Lilia

I send out a lot of cards and the Lettermate has made my writing look so much prettier.


I cannot write straight!

4/13/2020 by Judith J

Today was the first time I got to use this product. I LOVE IT!
I used it for shipping a package. It looked so professional!
Simply love it!


I should have got more

1/23/2020 by Gail

really handy


works great

1/18/2020 by Carol

I have experimented with ways to write in a straight line on a plain envelope for years, with little success. This little device does it:)Very easy and adjustable. I'm no longer embarrassed by my handwritten envelopes!


Neat idea

11/1/2019 by Paul

Keeps everything straight


Just like a pro drafter's tool

11/1/2019 by Mike

My college degree is in Drafting and Design, so I've always had a lettering tool (called a "parallel guide") for myself. But that tool has a different size for each line. This "Lettermate" tool is perfect for my wife to address envelopes by having the same size openings that are perfectly spaced apart. It's also quite affordable. My wife actually uses this tool, but she won't touch my drafting tools.

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The Lettermate Story

Lettermate - Envelope Addressing Stencil

Fitting Pretty

Getting a handwritten letter in the mail is pretty significant in this digital age, and now there’s a clever way to beautify your envelopes.

The Lettermate makes it easy to hand address envelopes flawlessly and even add a decorative flair. Kimberly Wilson is a stationery designer in California; people came to her regularly needing a way to address invitations (and make them look pretty, too). So she came up with The Lettermate, a stencil that keeps writing straight and helps you get creative with your presentation.

Made in the USA, The Lettermate is constructed from durable, translucent
plastic so you can see exactly where to place it. It also has guide markers to help space lettering and align it to the left or center. The markers and edges can even be used for creative designs and decorations.

Bring style and beauty to your letters, and wow your recipients, with The Lettermate.
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