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Zolo play

2/25/2019 by Laurence

3 year old grandchild went bananas over Zolo who arose early one morning and began playing immediately.
Great appeal to her imagination.
Good choice on my part.



12/30/2018 by Sylve

I absolutely loved this for my niece and nephew and they love playing with it..it is truly amazing where your imagination can take you



12/26/2018 by Diane

a perfect gift


Granddaughter Loves It!

9/12/2016 by Ann

My artistic granddaughter Loves ZoLO!


A Real Treat

6/5/2014 by John

I bought two of these sets for my granddaughters and they are more than expected. They love them dearly and spend hours figuring out new and weirder characters to build. Very well made and thought out products. I will probably buy all of the different sets just to have them. Also will probably get my own set. Thanks for making these available.



10/6/2013 by Sandy

Great Nieces& Nephews arrived for a long overdue visit...this was their gift...purchased 4 of them...they were a hit!! They simply loved ZoLo as well as their parents...It was refreshing to gift an item that isn't in every store/catalog....Thank You Grommet!

Great Aunt Sandy in Colorado


zolos are the best toy ever

7/9/2013 by Brenda

I bought these for my grandchildren (some of them are in college now!) and they have lasted both in interest and construction for many, many years. We will pass them on.


best experience so far

9/13/2020 by Cathy

The gift was a hit with my 4 year old niece. It was delivered quickly without any mishap. This was the first time the experience was without delay or disappointment. Would appreciate less expensive delivery charges, however, if possible.


unique toy

12/14/2013 by luxurybee

I bought a few of these. They are artsy, and their appeal lies in their simplicity of use. However, several of the pieces, especially the flexible ones, were flimsier than I expected. I think even grown-ups would have fun with these. They were overpriced, though, for what they are.


Half and Half

7/28/2014 by C.

Twin grandaughter loved this. Twin grandson didn't. The pieces do not stay together well enough. Need to press quite hard together to tighten... grandaughter couldn't do it.

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The ZoLO Story

ZOLO - Creativity Sets

Creative Creatures

A child’s imagination and creativity are boundless, and ZoLO Creativity Sets are the quintessential toy that allow for fun and focused play. Kids can leave behind the electronics and technological gadgets that often infiltrate their playtime for some mind stimulating and imaginative challenges found in each ZoLO Creativity Set.

The inspiration for ZoLO came from the belief that even the most wiggly, squiggly, nobby, blobby, plain, and spotted shapes can all come together as one to create something beautiful. ZoLO creates the pieces but the child uses his or her imagination to create the toy.

The sets cultivate creativity, inspire imagination, and encourage self-expression. As you construct your sculpture or creature you are challenged to find the appropriate pieces that will bring the creation to life, all the while having some fun.
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