Adjustable Container 4-Pack Case of 8

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Finally! At last! YAY! Love them!

11/26/2018 by Marybeth

I live alone with two 'kids' whose doggie treats always seem to get stale before the box is finished. A bag of rice lasts a long time for one person. In other words, I have been looking for something besides storage bags to keep my food fresh for the long term.
BOTTO! That's right. They are absolutely the answer to my problem. I ordered one set. Got it. And immediately ordered 3 more. Now, I'm thinking these would make great Christmas gifts for some family and friends of mine.


Love this!!

11/18/2018 by Sue

These work great and hold so many things. A really great product every kitchen should have.


Great Product

11/6/2018 by Selden

Perfect size for medium amounts of cereal, nuts, snacks, etc. convenient & easy to use.


Too many parts

12/16/2018 by Lori

The first thing in the directions is to take it apart to clean before use. You should know that one canister has 6 parts. 3 in the lid and 3 in the container. It was very difficult to put back together. The rubber gasket kept twisting when I put the two main pieces together. I don’t think that rubber gasket is going to last. Great idea but too complicated so I won’t be ordering more.


Second review

12/2/2018 by Marybeth

My first review was after using two of these adjustable containers and ordering 3 more sets as gifts.

When I used the 4th canister in my set, the rubber gasket buckled or twisted as I was pressing down to expel the air. This hadn't happened with the other 3, so I refuse to accept "operator error" as the reason why this happened.

I hope the gift sets I give have a better than 75% usage rating.


Nice concept, but ....

11/7/2018 by Connie

Thankfully I only purchased one of these containers. The smaller piece does not slide down inside the larger, outer piece. Perhaps the one I received is defective, but it does not work like the video suggests it should. I contacted Botto directly and have been chatting with a nice young man who was so determined to make me love the product that he sent me a new one which, I must say, works very smoothly. I still do not plan on buying any more of these containers. As I said, the concept is a fairly good one, but the actual product is hit or miss that it will work as it is supposed to. And the video shown on the Grommet site, leaves a lot to be desired. The Botto representative sent a video that is much better on explaining how to assemble and use the Botto.

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The Botto Story

Botto | Adjustable Storage Container

Space Savers

Airtight food storage containers come in all sizes—sizes that are often too big for what you need, leaving lots of empty space inside and lots of wasted cabinet space. As an interior designer, this was a problem Terence Myers saw quite often but as a product designer, he knew he could fix it.

After two years of hard work, he and the team at Botto Design developed adjustable storage containers that shrink down to the size you need with one easy move. As you press down, the excess air is removed through the one-way valve. Less trapped air means things like cereal, grains, snacks, and even pet
food stay fresh longer and you get more space in your cabinets. Read More Read Less