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Mobility Stretching Strap Case of 35

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The Brazyn Life Story

Brayzn Life | Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

On A Roll

Brazyn Life founder and former NFL football player Nate Lawrie came up with the idea for a collapsible foam roller when he was recovering from a spinal injury. He appreciated the benefits of using a roller during physical therapy, but didn’t like the bulk or inconvenience of taking one with him.

Nate created Morph to help bring the benefits of foam rolling—like encouraging muscle recovery and boosting circulation and flexibility—with you, wherever you go. The roller is made with sturdy, high-density foam and it can handle up to 350 pounds. All done rolling out? Pop the support discs in and
fold it flat to fit in a backpack or gym bag, or to store more easily at home. Read More Read Less