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Love it!

9/24/2015 by Dawn

I love this! I hate heavy lotions on my face and this is nothing like that! It feels so light I thought for sure it wouldn't work but I was out in the sun all day and never burned at all! I even got my adult son to let me put it on him! This stuff is awesome!


Love it, will buy again

9/10/2015 by rhonda

Soooo much better than glopping(sp?) on greasy lotions.



9/8/2015 by stacy

I could kiss the creators. This has helped my whole family. I can finally put sunscreen on my sensory child who thought the lotion & spray sunscreens were hell on earth. it's also super easy to put on areas you couldn't before, like near your hair. No more looking like a greaseball for me. I have disease that keeps me out of sun without lots of protection and this gives me that. Even the best non-greasy sunscreens are still noticeably greasy. This, however, you can put everywhere and truly, no one will notice. It's about twice as big as a lipstick and simple & discreet to use. I really, really love this.



8/31/2015 by Mary

I don't wear makeup beyond a mattefying powder and mascara. This sunscreen just goes around with me in my purse and completely replaces the powder I use. This is one product I don't mind buying refills for. I can tell the sunscreen really works too - I was outside for about 3 hours one day in the sun and didn't get burned.


Wonderful product!

8/29/2015 by Cheryl

Love this product ~ I will be ordering again. Nice, light coverage.


The ease of sunblock just got a whole lot easier

8/29/2015 by Gail

I LOVE this product. Getting ready for a month backpacking in Italy. So trying to downsize toiletries & liquids to get through TSA and unexpected spills in my bag. This sunblock is the answer. Wish it came tinted, so I didn't need makeup, but that's probably more of a vanity problem than a necessity like sunblock. It will save room, not spill, fit in a pocket....I'll use it all day....after a swim. I'm prepared. Thank you for making my trip easier & more enjoyable.


Good choice made

8/24/2015 by Joyce

Isn't orange on my complexion as I read in a couple of reviews. Easy to apply, seems to work, though I'll see when in Alaska soon and being in the sunlight for several hours watching bears in Katmai. I'm happy with this product and really had no trouble shaking down the powder into the brush, as was also reported in a review. I gently shake it down into my palm and then brush up any excess to apply to my skin and it works well.


Works great

8/24/2015 by Laurie

Works great


Great product!

8/24/2015 by Andrea

So far, so great with this product! Goes on easily and evenly with the brush. Very light and soft. Even my young boys don't mind it. Good coverage - even in the pool.
Just wish it was refillable rather than having to buy another one.


Great idea!

8/22/2015 by Elizabeth

Previous reviews mention how difficult it is to close up and contain brush. There's a sleeve which slides up to easily close, and down to whichever level is required for application. I love it. Easy to use and to carry. Can be used on a child's sensitive skin. Colorless, yet easy to tell where it's been applied (by the loss of "sheen" on skin). I use it as a quick cover-up when I'm unexpectedly in the sun, but the cost prevents me from seeing it as my primary sunscreen. That said, I'll definitely buy the refills.

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The Brush On Block Story

Brush on Block - Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Easy Cover Up

Back off, sun. We’re armed with a brush.

Brush on Block is a mineral sunscreen for the whole family, in powder form. The self-dispensing brush is mess-free and easy to take with you, holding a cartridge of SPF 30 powder inside—a couple of shakes and you’re ready to apply. When you run out, just refill the brush.

Naturally occurring minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect skin. And botanicals like chamomile and green tea extracts enrich, soothe, and replenish it. Because there’s no tint, you can wear it under makeup or over.

Creator Susan Posnick is a beauty and skincare
expert—the personal makeup artist to Mary Kay and other celebrities, Susan has her own cosmetic line. But when she was diagnosed with melanoma, she discovered her true calling. Today she’s a skin health advocate making better ways to protect your skin, like Brush on Block.

Brush some on the kids before a bike ride (it won't sting their eyes like lotion), or apply it before golfing, skiing, or hiking. No greasiness, and no more sunburnt noses.
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