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Not Sure if it works

6/26/2019 by Agnes

I carry this sunscreen in a makeup bag that I take on trips. I use on my face only... but I also wear makeup that has sunscreen in it. I am not sure if this is really working or not.


Would be better with a tint

7/29/2016 by Barbara

I find I'm having trouble trusting that this powder is evenly covering my face. I tried it because my eyes are so sensitive to other sunscreens that I simply can't wear them. But when I put this on, I'm never convinced that it's covering my face because there's no sign that it's even on my face. I guess I just don't trust it to work. Which is unfortunate, because it was expensive!


okay but not great

9/2/2015 by Julie

Difficult to get started and then watch out when it finally does. I was able to get the product dispensed from the counter though. It worked though and I did not get burned and I was at 10,000 feet of elevation.


Where's the powder?

8/3/2015 by Lynn

Good in theory, but I have a hard time getting the (open) brush to dispense much powder, at least that is visible.


loved it at first

8/2/2015 by Sandra

I really loved the powdered sunscreen, but after using it for several times the powder stopped coming out even though I could see through the transparent base that there was still plenty of powder in there. I unscrewed the brush from the base, but I have not been able to determine why the powder has stopped flowing. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to break the package trying to get the product to flow!


good idea, but

7/25/2015 by richard

This is a lot less messy than applying the regular sunscreen and is also colorless unlike other zinc oxide products. The minuses include: 1. dispensing the sunscreen onto the seems like you waste some when you have to flick your wrist to get in onto the brush (it goes off into the air). , and it seems as though you have to flick the product onto the brush many times during the application process.
2. The fact that its colorless makes it difficult to determine when you have brushed enough onto the skin.
3. Since its difficult to tell whether or not you have enough on the skin, you really don't know if you're protected.....Its a guessing game.


Nice But...

7/24/2015 by Sarah

So, I really like the way the product, smells (very little if at all), it's texture, wearability and staying power. The powder goes on exactly like mineral makeup (which I like & use) but with almost no color.

My chief complaint is the applicator which has several problems. 1) The brush is too long. You need a shorter denser brush to lightly buff the product onto your skin. 2) After you've used it once there's no getting the top back on because the top is long and skinny and now the blush brush type applicator is fluffed up. And 3) I either got no product or a thick smear of powder which I then had to distribute using my own kabuki type brush. Find another manufacturer to design you better packaging!

My other comment is that there is a relatively small amount of product for the price and for the elaborate, if ineffective, dispenser and packaging!

I think you have a good product but some design and engineering problems to work out.

That said, in the end, I mixed the sunscreen in with my mineral makeup so now I get sunscreen AND light coverage.

If you fixed the bugs, I would definitely continue using this product.


Just Okay.

7/23/2015 by Lynne

It is just ok. I thought the powder came up through the tube so it is messy. Also the cover is nearly impossible to put back on over the brush. So you have to leave it uncovered in your bag.


Back to sunscreen....

10/31/2019 by Lily

Powder is nice but it doesn't come out! Plus there is not much of it. I like the idea but this just doesn't work.


Doesn't work

6/30/2019 by Mariane

I bought this last year hoping to have a quick sunscreen to use on my arms while driving. Unfortunately, after 1 or 2 uses I've never been able to get the powder to flow. I twist to turn it on and all I do is unscrew the refill container. I also agree with other who say that you can't tell when it is applied or not or when the powder is flowing.

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The Brush On Block Story

Brush on Block - Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Easy Cover Up

Back off, sun. We’re armed with a brush.

Brush on Block is a mineral sunscreen for the whole family, in powder form. The self-dispensing brush is mess-free and easy to take with you, holding a cartridge of SPF 30 powder inside—a couple of shakes and you’re ready to apply. When you run out, just refill the brush.

Naturally occurring minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect skin. And botanicals like chamomile and green tea extracts enrich, soothe, and replenish it. Because there’s no tint, you can wear it under makeup or over.

Creator Susan Posnick is a beauty and skincare
expert—the personal makeup artist to Mary Kay and other celebrities, Susan has her own cosmetic line. But when she was diagnosed with melanoma, she discovered her true calling. Today she’s a skin health advocate making better ways to protect your skin, like Brush on Block.

Brush some on the kids before a bike ride (it won't sting their eyes like lotion), or apply it before golfing, skiing, or hiking. No greasiness, and no more sunburnt noses.
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