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Brush On Block

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Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great product!

10/6/2015 by Nancy

I spend a lot of time commuting to and from work, and it's great to have a sunblock that goes on easily and takes no time or mess to reapply. How did I live without this?


Works great, but directions are wrong

9/2/2015 by Stormy

I love that this product is practically colorless on the skin, I am fair and there is no sign of it. Most mineral-based makeup is so heavy, this is light, colorless and absorbs oil! And fits so nicely in your purse! Fabulous, sunscreen works great, but there is one problem, which may explain why it is not working for some of you, i.e., you aren't using any product.

The "< Open / Close >" directions on the packaging are completely incorrect. I create packaging and marketing items for.a living, and I assure you it's not a misunderstanding.

The device is in 2 parts. The large top portion is where the brush is, and the small bottom portion is where the sunscreen is. The directions are on the bottom part of the top portion.

< Open / Close >

You are supposed to turn it in the direction of the arrow to open it or close it. That means you turn the top portion left if you want to open it, right?? Because it is on the top portion? WRONG!!!! You turn the BOTTOM portion to the left!

I guess by putting it on the bottom of the top portion, they figure people would understand. WRONG AGAIN!!! There is little to no room on that section because it's very small and has a lot of text on it. I had to, literally, use trial and error to figure out I was doing it wrong. For 2 days.

I'm sorry, but someone dropped the ball here in a big way. This is, possibly, THE most important text on this entire product, and you blew it!! You need to fix this and pronto!


Good product

8/31/2015 by ikcw

I've been looking for a sunscreen product that would not be heavy on my face. This is light and goes on well and is good for face protection. I don't use it anywhere else because I don't want it getting on my clothes.


Good fit

8/31/2015 by Shirley

I like this powder for the spf quality. It is nice to swish on the powder and feel like I am done.


Great concept…..

8/27/2015 by Ruth

I like the product but the dispenser doesn't work well. If I want to get a good load on the brush, I have to open the reservoir and dip the brush in. But the color is good as is the protection.


It's great.

8/14/2015 by raynette

I love everything about it except putting to top back on over the brush. Finally I don't have to contend with sunscreen melting in the perspiration and dripping into my eyes. It's just what I was looking for.


Still testing it...

8/12/2015 by Buffalo

As a rosacea sufferer, I have marched through a large selection of sunblocks and sunscreens. Several Consumer Reports and Federal studies of the useless shite currently sold at drugstores led me to start using a "physical barrier" style sunscreen/block like Brush On Block. After coating my face and arms with gooey, chalky, zinc oxide that "disappeared on application!"(Not!) I was at wit's end. Then I saw this on The Grommet and in my best Cockney accent said: "'Ello! Wot's this, then?" At the time I was using a "cover-up" block that was tinted green. Huh? I bought BOB and have been using it whenever I go out. I ride a motorcycle and am always in the sun.So far I really like the ease of application and it doesn't seem to be triggering any rosacea outbreaks. I would like to suggest a "Manly Man" size applicator and a larger supply bottle. I recommend it highly.


genius with one flaw

7/29/2015 by angelica

Genius idea, however the brush does not retreat in order to put the cap back on .



7/28/2015 by Nancy

Like it -- easy to use and provides great protection.
Probably not good for folks with dry skin (cream or lotion might be better).


design problem?

7/27/2015 by angelica

Genius idea, however one design flaw (at least with mine): The brush does not retract to put the cap back on. Bouncing around in a handbag, some of the powder will come out.

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The Brush On Block Story

Brush on Block - Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Easy Cover Up

Back off, sun. We’re armed with a brush.

Brush on Block is a mineral sunscreen for the whole family, in powder form. The self-dispensing brush is mess-free and easy to take with you, holding a cartridge of SPF 30 powder inside—a couple of shakes and you’re ready to apply. When you run out, just refill the brush.

Naturally occurring minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect skin. And botanicals like chamomile and green tea extracts enrich, soothe, and replenish it. Because there’s no tint, you can wear it under makeup or over.

Creator Susan Posnick is a beauty and skincare
expert—the personal makeup artist to Mary Kay and other celebrities, Susan has her own cosmetic line. But when she was diagnosed with melanoma, she discovered her true calling. Today she’s a skin health advocate making better ways to protect your skin, like Brush on Block.

Brush some on the kids before a bike ride (it won't sting their eyes like lotion), or apply it before golfing, skiing, or hiking. No greasiness, and no more sunburnt noses.
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