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Double Helix Grill Brush 16" Case of 24

Reviews (3.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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6.5 out of ten

11/9/2015 by John

while this brush does a decent job cleaning the flat surfaces, getting into the "v" of the grill is a challenge.Old fashioned can opener (aka church key) works better.


Just OK

9/2/2015 by Jerry

It's very sturd . However, it doesn't "scrape" off the crud as well as the standard wire brush does. It does an acceptable job, but not as easily as the one it replaced. The good news is I don't think I'll have to replace it any time soon.


Not right for my particular need

8/17/2015 by Richard

Probably works OK on with circular grates. My grates are flat aluminum. The brush files down the edges.


I like it but it didn't perform like I had hoped

8/17/2015 by Jennifer

I was initially really excited about this brush but when I tried it, the brush didn't clean the grill grates as well as I had hoped for. There was so much left behind after scrapping with this brush for quite a while I had to switch back to the old brush. It's ok for light jobs but for heavy duty scraping I don't think I'd rely on it.


Good Idea, not so good on implementation

8/16/2015 by Mark

The product looks as described however, it would work more effectively if the gage of the wire would have been a little thiner. Because the wire is rather heavy/thick it is hard to get it in between the grill grates for a good cleaning even after you have heated up the grill to char off the food residue.


Needs improvement

8/10/2015 by Virginia

The handle needs to be stiffer in order to apply more pressure to clean the grill. Without the pressure you can not get between the grates. You really have to do a lot more scrubbing to get the grill cleaned.


no for all grills

7/23/2015 by lene

I bought 2 of these, 1 for my hubby and 1 for my father in law. We have a grill that has more of a griddle like grilling plate and the spirals can't get down in the grooves well enough to clean. My father in law has the traditional open grill grates and this works better at getting to the grunge on his.


Mixed Review

7/16/2015 by Matthew

So far, I have not been as happy with the brush as I thought I would be. On the positive side, it is far and away higher quality and sturdier than any grill brush I have been able to find anywhere else. The brush is very sturdy and looks like it will last for years without disintegrating the way most brushes do. Unfortunately, the brush does not do a good job scraping off the grill residue unless you angle it just right. As you can see, the helix is at an angle to the handle, so you have to align the helix to the spacing between the grill for it to get between the grates where the dirt is. Also, since the helix is a continuous coil, it does not create as much friction against the dirt as the bristles of a brush does, so it can just glide over the dirt without dislodging it.
I'm hoping that as the brush is broken in, some of these issues will go away.



7/15/2015 by Harold



Good for wide grill plates

7/11/2015 by 5455wherry

I think the design of this brush is great and I love the idea of no more metal brush fibers to come loose. However, we have a Weber charcoal grill with a 22.5", round, hinged, "regular" cook grate with the small diameter metal pieces ("prongs"?). The helix unfortunately does not clean this type of grate well. For me, I was only able to knock off the larger stuck on food particles but never able to get more off. Looking at the listing again, the presentation video shows a wider grill "prong" grate and we suspect
the brush would work much better for this type of grill. We are going to forward the brush to a friend who has this type of grill grate. Great concept & brush looks & feels like it is a quality product but just not well suited for a "regular" grill grate.

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The Brushtech Story

Brushtech - Double Helix Grill Brush

Don't Bristle

The Double Helix Grill Brush is an innovative way to clean your grill—because it doesn’t have any bristles. Instead, this bristle-free BBQ brush has two flexible-yet-sturdy coils that efficiently scrape the grates.

It’s a safer way to clean. Even the Centers for Disease Control warns grillers about the dangers of metal brush bristles coming off and ending up in your food. The Double Helix Brush has nothing that could become dislodged.

Plus, Brushtech BBQ Grill Brush has a six-inch base that covers more surface area on the tops and sides of the grates. And the long handle lets you grab hold
with two hands—which helps you use some elbow grease to clean effectively. When you’re done, this brush is dishwasher safe. Bring it inside and get it totally clean, instead of leaving it outside where it could attract critters and insects.

Brushtech started making innovative brushes like this in 1976. Years later, they still proudly create a line of brushes that are unique, effective, and Made in the USA. This summer, clean your grill better—and more safely—with a brush that leaves nothing behind.
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