Double Helix Grill Brush 16" Case of 24

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LOVE this!!

3/31/2016 by James

The #1 benefit of Brushtech is that it does not shred and leave metal shrapnel everywhere when you use it!!! That alone is a good enough reason to invest in a Brushtech.


Its comming apart already

2/24/2016 by Glenn

CHEAP product product is already comming apart already


Much Safer and Easier

1/18/2016 by Karen

We really like the way this brush cleans and we don't have to be concerned about pieces of brush being left on the grill to become part of the next thing grilled. It is great.


Great tool to have for Barbie-cues

12/31/2015 by Dale

We did steaks that evening, & this tool makes it a breeze to clean the grill.


loved this grill cleaner

12/31/2015 by Marcia

My husband used this and said it worked great. I also gave 2 away as gifts.


Double Helix Grill Brush

12/28/2015 by mary

Got this for my son. He was so thrilled with it. Had used those grill brushes with bristle wires before but found out how dangerouse that was when his wife found a bristle stuck in the meat he had grilled. There is no danger of that happening with this grill brush.This is fantastic!


Brush tech is a YES

12/26/2015 by Mary

The Brushtech really does a great job cleaning the grill, the long handle makes the job easier and it's really the pulling motion that makes cleaning the grill so easy. Excellent product and no worries of tiny metal bristles getting imbedded in your food or your body



12/22/2015 by Ruby

My husband likes the item. Will be using a lot more in summer


Looks good

12/9/2015 by Lin

I am hoping to review this product as very good, when it gets used. I bought one of these for my husband and my brother to use on the grill. These are to be Christmas gifts, so I have no idea how they will work. However, after seeing some pretty scary stories on the news about people getting the brass wires from regular grill brushes stuck in their throats, I thought I'd give this a try. I think it looks very good and will work well. The proof will come this spring or summer.


Love it

12/5/2015 by Catherine

This is fantastic

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The Brushtech Story

Brushtech - Double Helix Grill Brush

Don't Bristle

The Double Helix Grill Brush is an innovative way to clean your grill—because it doesn’t have any bristles. Instead, this bristle-free BBQ brush has two flexible-yet-sturdy coils that efficiently scrape the grates.

It’s a safer way to clean. Even the Centers for Disease Control warns grillers about the dangers of metal brush bristles coming off and ending up in your food. The Double Helix Brush has nothing that could become dislodged.

Plus, Brushtech BBQ Grill Brush has a six-inch base that covers more surface area on the tops and sides of the grates. And the long handle lets you grab hold
with two hands—which helps you use some elbow grease to clean effectively. When you’re done, this brush is dishwasher safe. Bring it inside and get it totally clean, instead of leaving it outside where it could attract critters and insects.

Brushtech started making innovative brushes like this in 1976. Years later, they still proudly create a line of brushes that are unique, effective, and Made in the USA. This summer, clean your grill better—and more safely—with a brush that leaves nothing behind.
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