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Great results and tasty coffee

5/19/2017 by Elizabeth

Very little learning curve involved here. This is great for a single person drinking iced coffee daily. If 28 ounces of coffee isn't enough, then have three wide mouth jars and make double the amount. I am very happy with this purchase and definately recommend it.


Works well but too much work for me

10/31/2019 by Krissy

This is a fine product and works like it says it will, just makes too much mess for me. Have to wash and clean filter and one/two bottles every time. Which can be time consumming when minutes are precious in the early morning rush to get to work.


Works well

4/28/2018 by Don

It makes a great cold brew, but could have a bit more info on amounts to add, ie. ground coffee/water ratios.



11/12/2017 by irene

Just wanted to say, I happened to see the video on how to use. (Didn't see vid when first received and followed written directions.) Watched a couple of times. I was using the filter upside down! Will try correctly with new batch being made. I'm sure that will make a big difference. I do like the cold brew coffee. Much smoother and less better. Hoping that now I know how to use filter correctly it will be easier!


Pretty good, but...

6/9/2017 by Ursula

The first try was great. The grind was french roast and it worked like a charm! The next batch was drip grind from the store. The grounds floated to the top. When I inverted the jars the grinds on the top filled the filter and the liquid could not drip through. I tried tapping, shaking, swirling and swearing. I manages to get half a jar. So, I am working on the process, all be it frustrating. The cold brew is excellent. I wish it made more than the bare 3/4 of a jar. That's two cups at my house.


UDATED: Rating Moved from 2 Stars to 4 Stars

6/6/2017 by Mary

On 5/29/17 I wrote a review that gave this a 2-star rating based on my frustration with the leaky connections between the jar and plastic connector, the straw that got clogged almost instantly, poor dripping from one jar to another, etc.

Well, I decided to play with it some more rather than throw it out. And I'm so glad I did! I ended up cutting the straw down by about 1", which prevented it from clogging with coffee grounds and enabling it to do its work of preventing a vacuum inside and it improved the dripping action. No more waiting over 24 hrs. for the coffee to move from one jar to the other or having to shake it constantly or move it from one position to another to get the coffee to drain to the other jar. I really worked at getting the plastic connector between the 2 jars to thread properly. With more effort than I used before, it connected correctly and didn't leak. Granted, it should not take that much effort - but it is possible to get it to NOT leak and save my counter top from becoming a sea of coffee and getting a lot more coffee to actually drink. I actually got 3/4 of a jar of coffee this time rather than 1/2 a jar! I still think that the 'connection' part needs to work. It should be that labor intensive to make sure that it's connected properly, but I've changed my rating from 2 to 4 stars and I hope that this gives a much more accurate representation of this item.


Brews Delicious Coffee

6/1/2017 by Jim

The coffee I have been able to cold brew using this filter is excellent. I did not give it five grommets because I have had trouble getting all the coffee to drain from one jar to the other. I even tried courser-ground coffee. In the end, I realized it was easier just to pour the coffee through the filter directly into the mug and not use the second jar. Now I love it!


Cold Coffee - Overall Good, Could use some tinkering

6/1/2017 by Joel

Overall I am please with the BRUW. However, it could use some tinkering to make the threads on the BRUW mesh better with the Mason jars, It takes several attempts to each the thread and one feels like it will screw on crooked and strip the (Plastic) threads. Filtering tends to clog immediately and take substantial shaking of the jar to get it to unclog and continue to drip. This could be a function of the coffee grind but I use a medium grind for drip coffee makers which should be ok.


Cool brew

6/1/2017 by Susan

Great idea.


No directions included

5/20/2017 by Marilyn

I had to relocate the site, watch the video again, and write down the directions. No where does it mention to purchase two QUART size mason jars. Nor does it say to use 3/4 cup of coffee ~ metric measurements (printed on the paper bag) are not applicable (yet) in America. Theabove noted two points would help greatly.

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The BRUW Story

BRUW | Cold Brew Mason Jar Kit

Mason Brew

Make your very own cold brew coffee, easily. Put this cold brew coffee maker filter onto a wide-mouth mason jar.

It’s super straightforward. Let coffee grounds soak in a cold-water-filled mason jar for over twelve hours. When you’re ready to get your caffeine dose, twist the filter onto that jar with the straw side down. Then twist the second mason jar on top of the filter. Flip. Shake. And watch your cold brew filter through.

In case you’re uninitiated to cold brew, it’s smoother, less acidic, and it’s easier on your tummy (and teeth, too) than coffee brewed with heat. Less acidity also means
you can better taste all the subtle flavors—like traces of chocolate, fruit, and nut inherent in different beans.

And even though grown-ups are the ones most likely to enjoy their coffee, this filter was invented by a teen. Max Feber was just 16 when he came up with the idea. It’s one you’ll be able to enjoy every day.
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