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1/5/2018 by lisa

I was excited, then read reviews, then decided to try anyway. I now realize it’s really just a glorified filter, and i probably could have found a way to strain the cold brew myself, maybe by pouring it into a French press, perhaps? I feel a little silly having bought does “work” with a few drops spilled here and here - but definitely not for that steep price! — regretful purchase


Great idea/poor execution

6/1/2017 by Katherine

Loved concept but plastic defective and did not properly screw onto jars. I was impatient and tried to force it. No time to return as getting ready to move. I really think could theoretically be an awesome gadget but not this particular one. Too bad...


Very Frustrating Purchase!

5/29/2017 by Mary

First off, the good news: Coffee flavor is great!
Second, the bad: Getting the coffee from one jar to the other is a nightmare!
1. The plastic screw-on filter threads don't match the threads on the Kerr Mason jars that I bought. (I read they don't match the Ball Mason jars either), so it leaks.
2. The hose clogs with coffee grounds almost instantly every time and makes the anti-vacuum properties useless. Initially, there is a gush of coffee that transfers to the bottom jar, then it comes to a dead stop. I've left the jars to sit overnight to drip and it is the same in the morning as when I went to bed. Leaving the jars overnight without supervision can also result in a flood of coffee on the kitchen counter, too.
3. Shaking the jars sometimes produces a few more drops per shake but the dripping stops when the shaking stops. GRRRR!
4. Better dripping happens when you tilt the jars at a 45* angle, which is risky unless you stand there and hold it the whole time (which can take a very long while) or find a way to securely hold it at that angle and risk losing lots of coffee due to the leaky connection of the filter.
5. By the time the leaking is done, you end up with barely 16 oz. coffee for all that hard work. No way do you get a quart of coffee! Granted some space is taken up by the grounds, but that is a lot of waste due to leakage.

All in all, this is 2 stars. I give it 1 for the idea behind it, 1 for the good taste of the coffee (probably more to do with the beans I used rather than the method, but I'll give the Bruw the benefit of the doubt). I hope the inventor reads all the comments so that he can find a way to fix these flaws because this is such a great idea and it would be incredibly simple to use if it worked the way it's supposed to.


Don't do it!

5/3/2020 by Tony

Using even the coarsest grind, and following instructions the filter clogs before a quarter of jar passes through. The seal also leaks no matter how tight they are screwed together. Very disappointed and despite the nice message from inventor that followed my purchase, they have been unresponsive to my questions and concerns.


Won’t Fit Any Mason Jar I Buy

7/19/2019 by Lauren

I’ve bought three jars so far and the lid fits none.


Not worth trying

4/4/2019 by Elizabeth

I watched the video many times to do this right and made sure I had the right sized jars, but it never began to drip down. It would drip when I tried shaking it like they did in the video, but it would stop dripping once I stopped shaking. Even though this product is inexpensive, it is not worth trying.



10/19/2018 by Linda

Did not like this one As soon as I flipped the jars over the cover would leak and clog.


Too much trouble

7/25/2018 by Margery

I used it several times and don't get what all the excitement is about.


Not worth $19.99

7/17/2018 by Mary

I am very underwhelmed by this. It is just as easy to soak coarse coffee in a mason jar and pour it through a coffee filter in a strainer.


not a good option

6/10/2018 by Pat

I tried this a number of times but just doesn't give good results.

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The BRUW Story

BRUW | Cold Brew Mason Jar Kit

Mason Brew

Make your very own cold brew coffee, easily. Put this cold brew coffee maker filter onto a wide-mouth mason jar.

It’s super straightforward. Let coffee grounds soak in a cold-water-filled mason jar for over twelve hours. When you’re ready to get your caffeine dose, twist the filter onto that jar with the straw side down. Then twist the second mason jar on top of the filter. Flip. Shake. And watch your cold brew filter through.

In case you’re uninitiated to cold brew, it’s smoother, less acidic, and it’s easier on your tummy (and teeth, too) than coffee brewed with heat. Less acidity also means
you can better taste all the subtle flavors—like traces of chocolate, fruit, and nut inherent in different beans.

And even though grown-ups are the ones most likely to enjoy their coffee, this filter was invented by a teen. Max Feber was just 16 when he came up with the idea. It’s one you’ll be able to enjoy every day.
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