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didn't work well

6/1/2017 by Candace

I was not happy with this purchase. I returned it. The product was very cheaply made so it didn't screw onto the jar very well and it leaked. I also got clogged easy and the grounds just sat there not draining into the other jar. It is easy to just strain the coffee thru cheese cloth. Great idea just didn't work well for some reason.


haven't tried

6/1/2017 by Betty

i waited for this in anticipation of making great brew, i got the filter with no straw. No straw - no brew. i wasted my money.


Not so good

5/31/2017 by Doreen

Definetly not worth the money. I like the fact of using ball jars, because i live in very small quarters. followed instructions to the T and the coffee was horrrible having a tar like substance at the bottom of the jar. I re-filtered it leaving the tar stuff and throwing it away and it still was horrible. When i decided to try the coffee it looked just like chocolate milk and hubby would not drink it. He said it was awful! I would rather put my money into getting a better system. I am not even trying it a second time.



5/27/2017 by Micki

This filter didn't seal on either side with the mason jars


A waste of money and time

5/18/2017 by Margaret

Reading about and looking at Bruw convinced me to purchase this filter device, but sadly it is a waste of money and time. This flimsy piece of plastic - definitely not worth $19.95 - does not fit snugly on a standard wide-mouth canning jar! The coffee grounds clog the filter so much that you have to constantly shake the jar to get it to filter. Because the plastic lid does not seal well on the jar, I then had coffee and grounds spill out onto the counter. And lastly, there was so much sludge in the finished brew that I had to filter it again! Better off with purchasing a decent French press - doubles for hot or cold and you can press your cold or hot brew in a matter of seconds. Sorry, but not a good product.



5/16/2017 by Jean

While this is a great concept, the execution is lacking. First of all the filter had mold flash on it. The instructions advise use of "Ball" mason jars, but the threads on the Bruw did not fit the Ball jar threads very well. After cold brewing for 20 hours, I connected the Bruw and the second jar and inverted the combined unit. Almost instantly both the filter and the tube became clogged with coffee grounds. As advised by the instructions and the video, I shook the jar. This resulted in coffee leaking out of the connection, but did nothing to start the flow.
Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in this purchase.

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The BRUW Story

BRUW | Cold Brew Mason Jar Kit

Mason Brew

Make your very own cold brew coffee, easily. Put this cold brew coffee maker filter onto a wide-mouth mason jar.

It’s super straightforward. Let coffee grounds soak in a cold-water-filled mason jar for over twelve hours. When you’re ready to get your caffeine dose, twist the filter onto that jar with the straw side down. Then twist the second mason jar on top of the filter. Flip. Shake. And watch your cold brew filter through.

In case you’re uninitiated to cold brew, it’s smoother, less acidic, and it’s easier on your tummy (and teeth, too) than coffee brewed with heat. Less acidity also means
you can better taste all the subtle flavors—like traces of chocolate, fruit, and nut inherent in different beans.

And even though grown-ups are the ones most likely to enjoy their coffee, this filter was invented by a teen. Max Feber was just 16 when he came up with the idea. It’s one you’ll be able to enjoy every day.
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