2 in 1 Thong Pantyslip

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Great in theory, not built for me

5/17/2016 by Thistlebritches

I really, truly, desperately wanted to love this! Yes, it fill a real need, is a brilliant idea, and there are no issues with the quality of materials nor construction. My issue was with the fit. On the model, this is a scant 2" from her belly button (if that). I realize all of us are built differently, but c'mon - I'm a petite gal (5'1") so I figured I'd be golden. Not so. The top was 4" below my belly-button. I'm in pretty good shape, but have had 2 kids so have the "mom belly" pooch (most all you moms will know what I mean). Unfortunately, the top edge of this cups it underneath like a bloody underwire bra and accentuates it rather than smoothing over the top had it reached a few inches higher.
Again, I am in full support of the idea, quality and craftsmanship. I'm just saying that you'd better have a very smooth belly or have a short crotch-to-waist ratio for this to work.

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The Bumbrella Story

What kind of umbrella can slim your hips?

Keep it Covered

Slips might seem like they’re from another time, but the need to keep your unmentionables from showing is as necessary as ever. Bumbrella is a secure slip and panty combo that’s comfy, flattering, and stays put while keeping your silhouette rated PG.

Maker Tara Gallagher had a moment familiar to many of us. Outside, sun shining, she realized her dress was more sheer than she thought. To prevent that from happening again, she wanted a slip—but one that wouldn't bunch or twist. And, as a doctor, she was wary of the health problems caused by constrictive shapewear. So she created a better

It solves the “see-through” problem and even slims your silhouette by smoothing lines and bumps. The lightweight, anti-static material is silky to the touch and just stretchy enough to move with your body.

Even with the sun at your back, you don’t need to risk indecent exposure. Next time you dress up, try a comfortable slip that stays put.
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