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Multi-Use Silicone Sleeve Mixed Pack Case of 24

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Fabulous tool

1/5/2018 by Mary

This is my second set, which are a gift for my sister who has golden retriever dogs who shed profusely. My first buy was to see if it would help with my basset hound’s shedding, and it works GREAT, so I use one in the house, and keep another in the motor home. Have also used it to scrub in kitchen with good results. And I like the colors. Looks nice on the counter. Thanks Grommet!!



10/27/2017 by Nancy



Fluffy & Fido LOVE to be groomed with BUMP IT OFF!

10/10/2017 by Maria

Both my cat and dog LOVE the way BUMP IT OFF feels when I groom them! I also LOVE how BUMP IT OFF removes their fur from my furniture and clothes!


Wow no more smelly sponges!

10/8/2017 by Sandi

Great for washing carrots, potatoes etc! Easy to clean too! Spot removal a breeze!


the perefct replacement for kitchen sponges

9/29/2017 by Beatriz

Recent analysis indicates that, even after thorough cleaning, sponges contain and are the perfect medium for bacterial growth


Love it!!

9/27/2017 by Write4Change

I'm always looking for greener ways to clean and also for cleaning supplies that are renewable or reusable to create less waste. All plastic scrubbers eventually wear out and fail, but these are sturdier and much more long lasting. I bought two for the house and two for the kitchen, and they are wonderful. They work on non-stick pans and also more delicate bathroom surfaces, as well as on tougher places. My only complaint would be the holes are very large and there are no different sizes, so the holes for the fingers don't work for me when scrubbing vigorously because my fingers slide out of them as they are quite large. I have to hang on with my thumb, which sort of negates the simplicity of the design as intended. They should make different sizes, like gloves.


so many uses

9/8/2017 by harvey

we use it in the kitchen and in the bath. haven't really used it on pets yet, but sure it will work. great for exfoliating.


Great multi-purpose tool

9/8/2017 by BabsLouie

I use the bristly side for cleaning vegetables without worrying about bacteria lingering in the bristles like my old scrubber. The bumpy side is good for cleaning the bits off dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Love that this was a two-pack as I also keep one in the laundry room for scrubbing stains. Very sturdy and a great value.


"BumpItOff" x 4

9/7/2017 by Richard

I had earlier purchased a 2-pack of the product and was so pleased with its performance, decided to purchase a second set so there would always be one near at hand in any part of the house. Don't assume these will replace all your other cleaning tools. They won't. However, the things they do, they do very well. The silicone material provides minimal abrasion and the quality of material should provide years of service.


Cleaning Sleeves

9/7/2017 by Joseph

The come in two colors. I have one in the kitchen and one in my sower. I find they are excellent for cleaning without damaging my kitchen equipment.
The other I keep in my shower and get an exhilarating rub when showering. I can feel a difference after showing.

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The BUMP IT OFF - Goddess of Gadgets Story

A silicone sponge. Now that’s smart!

Silicone Sleeve

A silicone scrubber makes a lot sense—it’s a non-toxic, antibacterial, and reusable way to clean anything from dishes to fruits to you.

With silicone bristles on one side and bumps on the other, the sleeve design works like an extension of your hand. Clean fruit, scrub dishes, groom pets, de-lint sweaters, exfoliate in the shower, or use it in conjunction with detergent to lift a stain off your favorite shirt.

When you’re done, stick it in the dishwasher or give it a warm-water rinse. It won’t scratch your dishes, grow mildew, or absorb odors.