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Multi-Use Silicone Sleeve Mixed Pack Case of 24

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8/26/2018 by Sara

I am a vet, and I use this to remove animal hair from my clothes between clients. It works well, though it does take firm pressure and a few passes to get everything off.


Use it often.

7/29/2018 by Larry

works good.



7/26/2018 by Clive

purchased to use when bathing small dog, works fine.
Is a bit small for my largish hands.


Happy User

11/10/2017 by Kathy

I just received my Bump It Off recently and have only used it on dirty dishes. It removes the food just like it says. It is easy to use. I am happy with it.


Bump It Off Scrubber

10/10/2017 by Geneva

It looks good and durable. Although it is a little large for my small hands, I can still work with it. I use it to exfoliate my skin.


Doesn't fit the male hand as well.

9/19/2017 by Marc

Hard for me to get my fingers all the way through the sleeve. Doesn't handle light grease deposits well. For that you need a sponge or a wash cloth instead. Good for general dishwashing.


Functional and innovative

9/8/2017 by Amol

I used it to clean the plates of my electric grill. Very good product, beats using steel wool and scrubbers.


Beats a sponge every time.

9/7/2017 by Mary Alice

Bump it offs go in the dishwasher after every use and emerge sanitized and free from germs and odors.

One cannot say that about sponges, which harbor dangerous bacteria and do not clean up that well in the dishwasher.

Bump it offs can be used to scrub/wash anything from the dog to the baby to the mom to the dishes. The only problem that I have experienced is trying to use the Bump it off to scrub out glass drinking glasses and stained coffee mugs. It is too stiff to do that job effectively, but otherwise it is a terrific product


Not a substitute for a sponge

9/7/2017 by NixB

I am tired of sponges that are either dry or icky so I thought these would do the job. They don't. They work fine for picking up pet hair or big scrub jobs or spot cleaning clothing but they need something on the sides for dishes and corners. However, a sponge does tuck neatly in the center and that helps the sponge dry out but not as much as in the open air. Maybe the developers should produce a scratcher type sponge (no sponge--just the part that can clean a teflon pan without scratching it) that exactly fits in the center. I know I am going to make my own!


Love Bumpitoff

8/24/2017 by Linda

Works really well on general food particles stuck to the pan or cutting board.

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The BUMP IT OFF - Goddess of Gadgets Story

A silicone sponge. Now that’s smart!

Silicone Sleeve

A silicone scrubber makes a lot sense—it’s a non-toxic, antibacterial, and reusable way to clean anything from dishes to fruits to you.

With silicone bristles on one side and bumps on the other, the sleeve design works like an extension of your hand. Clean fruit, scrub dishes, groom pets, de-lint sweaters, exfoliate in the shower, or use it in conjunction with detergent to lift a stain off your favorite shirt.

When you’re done, stick it in the dishwasher or give it a warm-water rinse. It won’t scratch your dishes, grow mildew, or absorb odors.