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Multi-Use Silicone Sleeve Mixed Pack Case of 24

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just OK

10/16/2017 by Mark

I'm probably the 50th person to state that I wish the bristles extended to the edge of the product. It doesn't work in corners or crevices at all. Maybe if it were a little more flexible. I've only used it for hand-washing dishes. I do like the fact that the finger holes are large enough to accommodate rubber gloves, as I like to use very hot water.

I've just used it one time so far, and was a little disappointed in the ability to scrub off some stuff. I am thinking I will get better with practice, as is always the case.

Just OK for dishes. I have yet to try them on rinsing vegetables, but it looks like it would work well for that.


Design needs work

9/19/2017 by Jami Lyn

Not very effective because the bristles are too soft and the bumps are are too small and soft to provide enough friction. I've used them in the kitchen and on the body.


No barnburner

9/7/2017 by Logan

Good solution to warding off microbiotic critters, but inefffective for hard scrubbing jobs on burnt pots and pans


Feels good

9/7/2017 by beth

It feels great on my hand, but it doesn't do a great job scouring off plates, pans. Does fine on rubbing in prewash on stained fabric and removing light debris from dishes, but does little on items that require solid scrubbing. Still need a rougher two-sided sponge/scrubber to clean pans and dishes.


Okay idea, but design should be better

9/7/2017 by Martha

I bought these to replace some of the uses of my kitchen sponges. I haven't used them elsewhere in my house yet. But for kitchen use the design would be more effective if the textured surface extended around each curved end. Washing pots, pans and even bowls requires something to clean in the 90 degree edges and corners. As designed these cleaning sleeves are awkward or useless for that function



9/3/2017 by Denise

Weak on cleaning kitchen stuff pretty good on fabric I do not like the finger holes at all


Not good for doing dishes

8/26/2017 by Diane

I haven't tried it on other items but I was disappointed when trying to use is to do dishes. It is too bulky and inflexible to wash into corners or glasses. It might be good for large items but I found it very ineffective when using to wash dishes.


The jury is still out.

8/25/2017 by Toni

I haven't found these to be very helpful in cleaning dishes, pots and pans, etc., and no help at all for rubbing out stains in laundry, even with pretreatment products, but I'm not giving up yet. Products from The Grommet usually deliver.


Just okay

8/25/2017 by Margaret

I was a bit disappointed in these as it seems that they don't fit well on my hand to reach dirty spots in pan corners. They seem too rigid . Maybe if I play with them more they'll work better.


Dishes (No)

8/25/2017 by Amber

Not flexible enough for dishes, but should work well in other areas.

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The BUMP IT OFF - Goddess of Gadgets Story

A silicone sponge. Now that’s smart!

Silicone Sleeve

A silicone scrubber makes a lot sense—it’s a non-toxic, antibacterial, and reusable way to clean anything from dishes to fruits to you.

With silicone bristles on one side and bumps on the other, the sleeve design works like an extension of your hand. Clean fruit, scrub dishes, groom pets, de-lint sweaters, exfoliate in the shower, or use it in conjunction with detergent to lift a stain off your favorite shirt.

When you’re done, stick it in the dishwasher or give it a warm-water rinse. It won’t scratch your dishes, grow mildew, or absorb odors.