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Great addition

8/7/2018 by Cathy

Adds another element to my walk. I don’t have to try and find time to work out upper body. Feels great to do it all at one time.


My husband really likes these

7/25/2018 by JoAnn

Great for people trying to improve fitness


Versatile walking poles

5/14/2018 by Sandra

These Bungy Pump poles can be set to fixed or various bungee effects. Full aerobic workout. Helped my back pain by improving my posture. Instructions were included and I watched the videos to make sure I was using correctly.


Love them.

5/9/2018 by Lee

These are great. I'm building up my whole body at the same time is how I feel. Such a fabulous alternative to walking, which I wasn't doing because I felt I needed something more if I was going to spend the time "exercising."


Great product!

3/27/2018 by Ellen

Love these poles. They have helped my posture and kept my body aligned. Recovering from knee surgery and needed to be stable as I walked. These did the trick.


Perfect gift for my dad!

1/8/2018 by Ashley

My dad was looking at a variety of walking poles and I stumbled upon these and bought them for him for Christmas. He loves them and they are a good fit for him, as he used to cross-country ski. He is very pleased with the feel and the functionality - for both walking and hiking.


Great Product.

12/29/2017 by Catherine

I can't wait to get started. I've been wanting one for a long while.


Walking poles

10/24/2017 by Deborah

Love my walking poles. However, would love to have an instruction book on how to adjust them and get t h e best out of them and how to avoid injury. That would be shoulders and elbows.


So easy to use and so effective

9/18/2017 by Annie

Gives me a cardiac workout.


Surprise surprise

9/13/2017 by Greger

I've rarely taken a nature walk or hike without a pair of walking poles for over fifteen years. It just seems silly to ignore working the torso during these outings, since it is sooooo easy to add an upper body workout by virtue of these devices.

I loved my conventional walking poles since my posture, breathing, balance, pace, strength, joy, etc., were all enhanced using them. So I was somewhat skeptical that the tech embedded in Bungypumpers could add that much to what I already benefitted from.

I was wrong. These are a different animal entirely. Climbing very steep trails, descending same, rolling right along the flats... Everything feels smoother, faster, easier, quieter.... all the while it is clear that more upper body musculature is being worked to a greater degree than with static pole usage: shoulders feel it first, then arms, even the hard to reach transverse abdominals. I haven't figured out why yet, but I imagine it has something to do with the progressive resistance provided by bungy cord tension mechanics.

The only concern I had was this: would these poles, with the relatively extreme length of travel they undergo during compression, lessen the feeling of security while navigating difficult terrain? In other words, would users feel less stable and secure using them as an aid to balance or stability as opposed to conventional walking poles? Answer: no, not at all. I have subjected myself to numerous situations where not catching myself in an off-balance situation could have resulted in a fall. I see no significant difference in the ability of Bungypumpers to catch oneself in similar situations over that of a regular static pole.

These things are delightfully quiet, too, in contrast to the clack clack clack of regular walking poles.

My highest recommendation.

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The BungyPump Story

BungyPump - Fitness Walking Poles

Power Walk

It’s not as high impact as other forms of exercise, and that’s exactly what makes walking such a healthy way to stay fit. Now, walking can do even more than strengthen your lower body.

BungyPump fitness poles transform a walk or hike into a total body workout that activates 90% of your muscles and burns up to 77% more calories compared to normal walking. Unlike rigid walking sticks, BungyPump features built-in suspension and provides smooth and steady resistance every time the poles are pressed down, no jarring or straining. The amount of resistance varies by model, ranging from 8 pounds for
recreational walkers to 13 pounds for more active lifestyles. Whichever BungyPump model you choose, the pole height is adjustable.

BungyPump originated in Sweden as an off-season training tool for cross-country skiers. But, given its ease of use, we’re not surprised it has become a favorite form of exercise among Nordic people from all walks of life. Physical therapists have even been known to recommend BungyPump for those recovering from injuries and back problems. These poles are made for strengthening not only your legs, but your core and arms as well.
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