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11/26/2015 by suzanne

Love them! Can already feel that my back is stronger since they arrived & I am using them regularly. So much more comfotable than a walker! Standing erect, thanks to the built-in resistance, is much easier, more comfotable, & healthier!!



10/30/2015 by Tracey

Really like these- I can feel the challenge when I use them!


Love these!

10/27/2015 by Carol

Love these! Lost 60 pounds last year but couldn't lose any more without adding exercise. These walking poles make it easy for me to walk while supporting my back. Hope to lose another 60 pounds!


Bungy Pump fitness walking poles

9/18/2015 by Joanna

I am moderately physically fit as a baby boomer having taught yoga and strive to retain my flexibility. However, as I naturally age I feel less upper body strength and am using the Bungy Pump walking poles to address this . I love to walk and can feel the extra exertion these poles are demanding from my upper body.


My Bungy Poles.....

6/13/2015 by Linda

I love them. I feel more stable. I limp less. I have a lot less pain. If I didn't have a rolling bag I carry my work stuff in, I would use them all the time.


Get Your Walk On...

4/12/2015 by Kim

Bungy Pumps get my walk on...I have my SPI belt to hold my music, headphones, and pumps...this makes it an everyday happening that I look forward to. My core and upper arm strength has been a gradual increase of muscle integrity. I have the 13.3 lbs. and they are ideal. I have not worked out throughout the winter months and my body tone was not up to par; however, this weight was satisfying without making it too hard, but challenging. I'm in.


These are nifty!

1/27/2015 by Victoria

I'm having a lot of fun with these! It took me a couple of "practice walks" to get used to them, but now I am clipping along at a brisk pace. I can feel the extra workout through my shoulders, and it's helping my posture and my overall exertion. And--a bonus--it gives me extra confidence when I'm out walking alone. The sticks look pretty formidable for any potential bad guys to tangle with!



1/22/2015 by Wayne

Like it a lot. A good walk that is enhanced with an upper body work out with these poles. I'm 63 and in good shape. This is a good workout for me doing a four mile stroll with these poles at pace.


Great workout

1/12/2015 by Gracia

I love these. Great work out and adds some fun to a regular walk.



1/6/2015 by Elizabeth

These are fabulous! I purchased these for my mother who is 82 and challenged with her knees. It is my hope that I can get her out walking. Even if these don't work for her, I am getting a pair for myself. They are amazing!

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The BungyPump Story

BungyPump - Fitness Walking Poles

Power Walk

It’s not as high impact as other forms of exercise, and that’s exactly what makes walking such a healthy way to stay fit. Now, walking can do even more than strengthen your lower body.

BungyPump fitness poles transform a walk or hike into a total body workout that activates 90% of your muscles and burns up to 77% more calories compared to normal walking. Unlike rigid walking sticks, BungyPump features built-in suspension and provides smooth and steady resistance every time the poles are pressed down, no jarring or straining. The amount of resistance varies by model, ranging from 8 pounds for
recreational walkers to 13 pounds for more active lifestyles. Whichever BungyPump model you choose, the pole height is adjustable.

BungyPump originated in Sweden as an off-season training tool for cross-country skiers. But, given its ease of use, we’re not surprised it has become a favorite form of exercise among Nordic people from all walks of life. Physical therapists have even been known to recommend BungyPump for those recovering from injuries and back problems. These poles are made for strengthening not only your legs, but your core and arms as well.
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