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Fitness Walking Poles

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Poles - RECOMMEND!

8/21/2014 by Christine

I am not a gym person at 75 but was worried about upper body exercise. I bought the SlimLine and really love them although I might have taken a longer look at the No. 1 (Norway) had I realized the SlimLine was manufactured in China.

These poles are definitely a great addition to my 2+mile walk in the mornings before work. Even though they are not advertised as a stabilizing pole like the rigid ones, they give enough to make me feel more secure over tree roots, rocks, etc. while still making my balance stronger.

Since my walk is on almost equal lengths of concrete bike path and dirt I wonder how the tips will hold up and if we can get new ones if necessary.



8/18/2014 by Lori

Just trying to get the hang of it. I love them. LOL


Great upper body exercise

8/17/2014 by Jean

The walking poles are a great addition to just walking because they get my arms working, which I really need. I am in my early 60's and worry about getting enough upper body exercise. I am enjoying the bungy pump poles and would recommend them!


Love these

8/17/2014 by karol

These really add to your walk. You can get a great triceps workout while you walk!


Great product

8/15/2014 by J. A.

Enjoy using with my walking routine. I adjusted it shorter than suggested because I was dragging it at the recommended length. I feel the results in my upper body. I am mindful of standing taller and pulling in my abs. I am disappointed that I am unable to buy extra tips once these wear out.


Excellent workout

8/11/2014 by Karen

Love these poles


Good addition to walking

8/11/2014 by karol

Great addition to a walking routine. I typically walk for exercise, but never felt I was getting a good workout. Bungy Pumps add upper body work, so I feel great.


Need other size

1/6/2020 by Samuel

I would like to order the size that is smaller or shorter than the one I was sent. The size I wanted was sold out.


Fitness Poles

1/31/2019 by Judy

I purchased this for my sister who ha a knee injury and can no longer run. She was excited to try and enjoyed. It does take a few tries to get a flow going; but once you get used to it it's fine. Gives a good workout and much better than just walking!
Would recommend to others!


Good except the fraudulent misrepresentation

11/11/2018 by CB

I got the Number One and love how sturdy the poles feel. My sister is thinking about using them on the Appalachian Trail. My only complaint is that the poles are advertised as being a dark color, perhaps blue or black. I didn’t see any place to ask for a particular color on the Grommet. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered they are ridiculous tennis ball neon. But when people point at me and laugh at how moronic I look, I can say “I might look like an idiot, but I’m burning 77% percent more calories than you are.”

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The BungyPump Story

BungyPump - Fitness Walking Poles

Power Walk

It’s not as high impact as other forms of exercise, and that’s exactly what makes walking such a healthy way to stay fit. Now, walking can do even more than strengthen your lower body.

BungyPump fitness poles transform a walk or hike into a total body workout that activates 90% of your muscles and burns up to 77% more calories compared to normal walking. Unlike rigid walking sticks, BungyPump features built-in suspension and provides smooth and steady resistance every time the poles are pressed down, no jarring or straining. The amount of resistance varies by model, ranging from 8 pounds for
recreational walkers to 13 pounds for more active lifestyles. Whichever BungyPump model you choose, the pole height is adjustable.

BungyPump originated in Sweden as an off-season training tool for cross-country skiers. But, given its ease of use, we’re not surprised it has become a favorite form of exercise among Nordic people from all walks of life. Physical therapists have even been known to recommend BungyPump for those recovering from injuries and back problems. These poles are made for strengthening not only your legs, but your core and arms as well.
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