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Flip-Top Butter Dish with Spreader Case of 12

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Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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It went to recycling

10/18/2018 by Gail

Did not like this at all. Awkward to use, clean and reassemble.


Not for European Block Butter

8/10/2018 by Donna

The description specifically states that it holds European Block Butter. I guess TECHNICALLY, it will hold it, but it is a tight squeeze and makes a huge mess because there's not really enough space. Also, if you use the holder for the knife, and don't completely clean the knife, it makes a mess, too. This plastic is also very plastic looking. I have already thrown this away and am back to using a luncheon plate with a dome cover for my butter. The dish was inexpensive, but I paid $8.95 for shipping which I normally will not do, but was so excited that it said it would hold my butter.


Dont buy it

6/10/2018 by Chris

I used this once and then purchased another butter keeper that uses water. This thing basically keeps the butter at room temperature and discolors the butter. You can do the same thing with a $1.00 butter keeper. I have been using a water butter keeper for years. When mine broke I gave this one a try; no comparison. Save your money and get a quality butter keeper.



5/15/2018 by Carol

I only used the butter dish for about a week. It was very messy dish, hard to keep clean. It would be better if the knife was stored under the lid. It looks nice when it is clean, which is only until you use it.


Not Happy

5/14/2018 by jim

Will not hold two sticks of butter, and butter is not spreadable it melts.


happy with product

3/11/2018 by Marshall

i'm happy with my product. My only question is , when does my years supply of butter arrive? Seriously, I'm pleased. Marshall Smith.



3/5/2018 by Virginia

I'm disappointed and not happy with the size and look of this product. I sent another to my daughter and she felt it was not something she wants to display on her counter either.
Love the idea of non refrigerated butter but I find the container overly large and complicatedly unattractive.
It has an awkward look not obvious in your pictures of this dish. I'm trying to get used to it!
Sorry to be down on this, not usually my attitude.


Returning this item

11/17/2017 by Joyce

The butter dish was cheap looking, plastic like a child's play kitchen item and it was oversized. I am disappointed and will return it.



10/22/2017 by Kelly

I ordered this butter dish back in July and at first was happy with the product, though I did wish the color palette had more to offer. Now, only three (3) short months later, the lid is already breaking away from the dish. Please note that on the occasions that the dish required cleaning I have always washed by hand and have never put this product in the dishwasher. There is no reason why this dish should be breaking already except for poor craftsmanship. I guess it's back to the two-piece, glass butter dish for me. Sigh . . .

Grommet Response: We've reached out to Kelly to get the unit replaced. This is not a normal experience with the Butterie and we guarantee satisfaction with all of our products.


Butter or Cream Cheese?

10/5/2017 by Cat

Will probably like better for my cream cheese. I use Amish butter which has to be cut to fit. Too many nooks & crannies. Would be better if simplified. Hate the knife, it won't stay in it's groove.

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The Butterie Story

Butterie | Flip-Top Butter Dish & Spreader

Countertop Butter

Butterie™ creator Joelle Mertzel made her own countertop butter dish when she learned that butter doesn't have to go in the fridge, and that storing it at room temperature can enhance the flavor.

Before refrigerators existed, everyone kept their butter in a crock on the counter or in a cabinet. Joelle took that idea and improved upon it. Her dish has a flip-top lid that blocks light and reduces the butter’s exposure to oxygen, helping it stay fresh for longer.

Butterie™ is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, and sized to hold two sticks of butter. It comes apart for easy cleaning and can go
in the dishwasher, too. There’s a built-in spot for resting a knife (or the included spreader) and a hidden ledge for scraping it clean. This reinvented butter dish makes it easy (and cleaner) to have fresh, soft butter always on hand. Read More Read Less