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Flip-Top Butter Dish with Spreader Case of 12

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Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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3/30/2018 by Barbara

I am thoroughly pleased with this butter dish. Had been searching for a dish that would hold 2 sticks of butter and have a cover and with some way to close it without getting butter on the exterior. Found it! AT A REASONABLE price! Even had a choice of color.... Got it all! Brilliant design idea. Great buy! THANKS ❤


Well made and practical butter dish

3/30/2018 by Patricia

I looked most forward to not having to keep the butter refrigerated. The butter doesn't keep that well on the counter. Unless our kitchen is too warm. I love the size, design and the little butter knife that comes with it.


Great idea, but way too Large

3/21/2018 by Susanne

I bought a red one for myself around Christmas and it turned out to be way too large to put in any of my cupboards or in the fridge, where I traditionally keep my butter. However, my sister-in-law was mesmerized by the photo on the box and said how much she'd love to have one. So I gave it to her. I believe it's being used on a regular basis and very appreciated.


Useful and a keeper!

3/14/2018 by Qiilz in CO

This is a very useful device. It easily takes the larger configuration of European butter sizes, is easier to keep neater and the extra "lid" protects butter and keeps it contained. I wish it came in different colors and wish the footprint was not so large as there is really no reason for the large handles sticking out on the sides.

It lives happily on the counter for weeks as butter really does not need refrigeration unless your house is extremely warm.

However, overall I like it. You could skip the spreading knife - not worth the extra space it takes or the cost as a metal knife works far better.


Works great

3/10/2018 by Michelle

I am saving the last high rating for summer. Will it keep the butter from getting too soft in my non airconditioned house? We’ll see. So far I like it.


Love it

3/3/2018 by Sue Devers

I have only been using this for about 1week, but so far I love it! I really enjoy my butter soft enough to spread!



3/2/2018 by Marilee R

So far no spoiled butter!


good idea

2/12/2018 by nancy

I was a little reluctant to try this item because the lid doesn't seal but it has worked out well. I do not care for the little knife though.


nice countertop addition

2/10/2018 by Gail

The butter dish looks great on my black and white kitchen countertop. Very handy....and the little spreader is handy.


could have been better

2/8/2018 by Michael

A raised edge that totally surrounds and is slightly larger (height-wise) than a stick of butter would have been better. I live in a cold climate and the butter slides around and makes a mess when trying to spread. That would be a "5" for me!

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The Butterie Story

Butterie | Flip-Top Butter Dish & Spreader

Countertop Butter

Butterie™ creator Joelle Mertzel made her own countertop butter dish when she learned that butter doesn't have to go in the fridge, and that storing it at room temperature can enhance the flavor.

Before refrigerators existed, everyone kept their butter in a crock on the counter or in a cabinet. Joelle took that idea and improved upon it. Her dish has a flip-top lid that blocks light and reduces the butter’s exposure to oxygen, helping it stay fresh for longer.

Butterie™ is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, and sized to hold two sticks of butter. It comes apart for easy cleaning and can go
in the dishwasher, too. There’s a built-in spot for resting a knife (or the included spreader) and a hidden ledge for scraping it clean. This reinvented butter dish makes it easy (and cleaner) to have fresh, soft butter always on hand. Read More Read Less