Cactus Scratcher

Personal Back Scratcher Sample

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great product

10/31/2019 by Edward

i use this scratcher all the time. i love it



8/14/2019 by Cynthia

I purchased this for my husband and he thinks it is great.



5/15/2019 by Liz

This is the best back scratcher anywhere. The 'hand on a stick' versions don't work half as well.


Great product

2/24/2019 by Joy

Love this. The Cactus Scratcher is perfect especially if you live alone. I like the fact that you have two sides to choose from. So easy to use. Thanks Grommet.


Itch gone!

2/15/2019 by Judy

I love, love,love this cactus scratcher! I keep it close to me all the time. ESPECIALLY when nobody's around to scratch that itch you can't reach. Actually it's better than anyone else to get the right spot. I always use to say " no, to the left, to the right, no lower, no higher," you get the scratch itched in the right spot everytime. Ahhhhhhh! Love it!


My grsndson loves it. Only most as good as Grandma s fingernails.

1/17/2019 by Elizabeth

See headline.


Good back scratcher

10/19/2018 by Linda

This works well to scratch all over the back.


Works Well!

8/28/2018 by Susan

This has definitely come in handy!


Works well. Easy to use

7/26/2018 by Laraine

Great to keep in a drawer and to use by yourself. Works great!


The Cactus personal back scratcher is perfect.

5/15/2018 by Karen

I love, love, love the personal back scratcher! So much so that I purchased an additional 5 so I could give one to each of my children and 1 to my parents. The straps are perfect to reach any itchy spot on the back.

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The Cactus Scratcher Story

Catcus Scratcher - Personal Back Scratcher

It’s All in Reach

This personal back scratcher cleverly solves the problem of the hard-to-reach back itch.

Made with two-foot nylon straps and power grip ball handles, the Cactus Scratcher lets you reach every corner of your back without stretching and straining. Simply hold it behind your back, with one strap in each hand, and run it along that pesky itch. Voila… relief.

Each side has a different kind of spikes: wider for more gentle scratching, and pointier for a more aggressive approach. The Cactus Scratcher is compact, too, making it easy to travel with and store.

Founder Jedd Olsen had a bunch of back
scratchers around his house that he didn’t like. Then one night, he got inspiration in a dream: he pictured himself rubbing up against a prickly pear cactus to scratch an itch. Not long after, the Cactus Scratcher was born.

No more asking a friend or your significant other for help—scratching that itch has never been easier.
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