Candle by the Hour

48-Hour Beeswax Coil Candle Refill Sample

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Given as gift as refill for candle.

11/11/2018 by Fred

I had given a candle as a gift and had ordered a refill at the same time. The candle arrived first, and was given as soon as I could. When the refill arrived, I gave my friend that as soon as I could as well. I thought it would be good for her to know that the coil included as part of the candle was not a dead end.


A favorite

11/14/2018 by RaNae

Mine came a bit stiff and not as pliable as I would like, but these candles and candle holders are awesome!!


Wrong size

5/27/2018 by Jeanine

I must have a different size stand than this picture shows. I do love this type of candle, but this coil does not fit the stand I have. I made it work, but it was not the correct size. Too tall and too thin


Hard to feed candle up through

2/19/2018 by Melody

I loved the concept. How it will self extinguish. But I find it’s hard to feed through the opening.

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