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Given as gift as refill for candle.

11/11/2018 by Fred

I had given a candle as a gift and had ordered a refill at the same time. The candle arrived first, and was given as soon as I could. When the refill arrived, I gave my friend that as soon as I could as well. I thought it would be good for her to know that the coil included as part of the candle was not a dead end.


A favorite

11/14/2018 by RaNae

Mine came a bit stiff and not as pliable as I would like, but these candles and candle holders are awesome!!


Wrong size

5/27/2018 by Jeanine

I must have a different size stand than this picture shows. I do love this type of candle, but this coil does not fit the stand I have. I made it work, but it was not the correct size. Too tall and too thin


Hard to feed candle up through

2/19/2018 by Melody

I loved the concept. How it will self extinguish. But I find it’s hard to feed through the opening.

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The Candle by the Hour Story

Candle by the Hour | The Grommet

Self-Timed Candles

The innovation behind these eye-catching coiled beeswax candles dates back to the 1600’s, proving that sometimes the old way is still the best way.

A candles cotton wick can burn 20 minutes per every inch that you pull through the clip. Once the flame reaches the clip, it will put itself out. The coiled design is based on stories of ‘Courting Candles’ in the 1600's. It is said protective parents would light such a candle to mark how long a suitor could spend with their daughter. While our culture may not need that ritual, Candles by the Hour has preserved the beautiful, self-extinguishing
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