Candle by the Hour

Self-Extinguishing Coil Candle - Horizontal Case of 4

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Prepare for the best...

3/7/2020 by Scott

My wife of 40 years is going to go nuts over this gift. I call her "the long suffering Cindy" because, well, that's what she is. You'd have to know me to understand this.

I just hope that she doesn't use it to motivate me to get off my fat ass and do housework. It is baseball season, after all.


Love this

2/14/2020 by Sharon

I bought just one and gave it to a friend for her birthday and she loved it, even sent me a picture of it working. I bought 2 more to give away and got the same reaction, they loved the uniqueness of the candled. I will buy more.


Excellent gift

12/27/2019 by Eva

It was nice Christmas gift


Beautiful Candle

12/17/2019 by Cheryl

I already own this candle and absolutely love it! I
bought this for my son in law because every time he comes to my house he threatens to take it with him. I thought he would love to have his own!!


Cool Candle

11/24/2019 by Peggy

Love shopping on Grommet! Unique and awesome gifts! Don’t know what to gift someone, shop at Grommet! Bought these for Christmas presents for family members that are “hard to buy for”! Can’t wait to see their reaction when they open them!


unique conversation starter

11/13/2019 by Scott

A unique conversation starter.I gave this at a house warming party , everyone loved it and candles were the topic for many hours. My friends are boring...


Exactly as I hoped it would be

10/31/2019 by Karen

Who knows why but I loved this when I saw it and it didn't disappoint!!! Very cool!



10/27/2019 by Anita

Love it! The candle with it's holder are something unique to give as a present (or for yourself). It's a definite conversation piease. I like to just sit and watch it and it does extinguish itself. I ordered the horizontal candle holder. The candle holder itself is a bit stiff but can be managed.



10/8/2019 by Donna

Love the candle. It's a Christmas gift so I am hoping my daughter-in-law will like it also.


This is lovely.

10/6/2019 by Deborah

This was a gift. The recipient was delighted.

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The Candle by the Hour Story

Candle by the Hour | The Grommet

Self-Timed Candles

The innovation behind these eye-catching coiled beeswax candles dates back to the 1600’s, proving that sometimes the old way is still the best way.

A candles cotton wick can burn 20 minutes per every inch that you pull through the clip. Once the flame reaches the clip, it will put itself out. The coiled design is based on stories of ‘Courting Candles’ in the 1600's. It is said protective parents would light such a candle to mark how long a suitor could spend with their daughter. While our culture may not need that ritual, Candles by the Hour has preserved the beautiful, self-extinguishing
design. Read More Read Less