Candle by the Hour

Self-Extinguishing Coil Candle - Vertical Case of 4

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2/13/2018 by Bennie

I enjoy using and having this candle in my home. It is a unique piece and is a conversation piece.


old fashioned winner

2/13/2018 by Susan

Although I haven't actually burned either of the candles as I got them for gifts, I am very pleased with the quality. The safety feature of self-extinguishing is a big plus.


Candle by the hour

2/11/2018 by John T.

I really like and very happy with this purchase. The coiled wick was is a little difficult to manipulate, but I am learning different little tricks to make it easier, each time I have used it. I was pleasantly surprised it looks just a good in real life as it does in the pictures. Lots of compliments, it's pretty unique, again, very happy with this item. I have purchased several things since discovering 'The Grommet' and have been very please with each and every purchase. Keep up the great work!!! I'll be back!


Interesting and unique

7/20/2020 by Joyce

A bit difficult for older hands to squeeze the clamp


Both thumbs up

3/17/2020 by robert h

Gotta say this thing is pretty fkn’ cool. The beeswax smells wonderful..


Poor packaging.

5/30/2019 by Louise

I like the candle and it was as I expected, however, the packaging was poor. The styrofoam to hold the candle in place was in pieces and had to be vacuumed out before gifting it. It was quite a mess.


Very cool. I like this

2/15/2019 by Christopher

Very cool candle. Great conversation piece.


Having second thoughts

1/16/2019 by Mary

I was delighted the first time I used this candle. It was a Christmas gift from my son who knows how much I like beeswax candles.

It had worked well several times with a Bic lighter, but this last time I had a very difficult time lighting it trying to use a match. I went through ten matches with no success! Eventually I was able to light it after getting a new Bic lighter (the old one had played out.). Using the matches seemed to melt wax around the wick, but the wick never lit.

I have no idea why the wick would not light with matches. It was frustrating.


Great gift

11/29/2018 by Doris

I viewed this item online and thought it was very interesting. The history of using the candle for parents warning their young folks that time was up and dates need to leave when the candle goes out was funny. Anyway, it was my sister’s birthday so I purchased it for her. For whatever reason, she didn’t call to thank me, I had to call to ensure she received it.


I like it a lot

11/14/2018 by RaNae

This has been a lot of fun for me. I love the vintage look and feel and it is great for decor as well as for emergencies. I have been just enjoying having it lit and the ambiance. A couple of issues, my candle was very stiff and not as pliable as it should be for this, and the clasp is very hard to open to insert the candle. Good because you don't want it loose as if the candle came out or slipped it would be a definite fire hazard, but definitely hurts your hands/fingers prying it open. The beeswax candles have a strong honey like scent so that is nice. Another down side, I wanted the 80 hour but could not find replacement candles for that size, so I got the 48 hour. Word of advice, if you sell the 80 hr, you need to have the replacement candles available for that too.

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The Candle by the Hour Story

Candle by the Hour | The Grommet

Self-Timed Candles

The innovation behind these eye-catching coiled beeswax candles dates back to the 1600’s, proving that sometimes the old way is still the best way.

A candles cotton wick can burn 20 minutes per every inch that you pull through the clip. Once the flame reaches the clip, it will put itself out. The coiled design is based on stories of ‘Courting Candles’ in the 1600's. It is said protective parents would light such a candle to mark how long a suitor could spend with their daughter. While our culture may not need that ritual, Candles by the Hour has preserved the beautiful, self-extinguishing
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