Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner Case of 20

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7/20/2020 by Marc

Best way to clean glasses ever!



7/20/2020 by Judith J

Everyone seemed to enjoy this item. Clean glasses for one & all!


Great eyeglass cleaner

7/20/2020 by Kim

Really works! Terrific cleaner!


Excellent eyeglass cleaner

7/20/2020 by Martha

My husband cleans his glasses every day, and he used to often run out of the cleaning liquid. With this product, he doesn’t have to worry. I have one, too. They work well.


Works great!

7/20/2020 by Janice

This works as intended. I bought this a few years ago and it still works great!



7/20/2020 by Joyce

Really works! We keep it handy by the chair.


For Hubby

7/20/2020 by Mary

He was always fussing with his glasses to keep them clean! He takes it everywhere!


Love them

7/20/2020 by Judith

I love these. I have one everywhere! Desk, kitchen, all my purses, the car! Super


Awesome invention

7/20/2020 by Mina

Love this item. Wish they had a keychain version so I could have it easily accessible, but still grateful I found this.


Works well

7/20/2020 by Marie

Compact and works well. So easy and you can see that it cleans well. After trying, bought for everyone in the family and a couple extra for me.

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The Peeps™ Story

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner by Peeps™ | The Grommet®

Keep Lenses Clear

Get your glasses cleaner than cloths and sprays with this carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Peeps uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station, because carbon helps repel dirt.

First, use the natural bristle brush to dust off any bigger particles. Then clean off oils with the two facing carbon pads—they sandwich each lens and clean it on both sides. The shape is designed to reach even dirt that builds up in nooks and crannies.

The pads are self-cleaning, too. While in the case, the
friction between the pads causes the carbon molecules to shift, creating a fresh cleaning surface each time.

Slip Peeps into your pocket and carry a high-tech cleaning station wherever you go.
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