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Eyeglass cleaners

5/31/2020 by Sharon D

I like them a lot. Seems to do its job!



5/27/2020 by Barbara

I can't believe that this product isn't advertised more! Peeps are fantastic, awesome and a life saver!! Everyone should use it!


Awesome Eyeglass Cleaner!

5/24/2020 by Beth

This is the best eyeglass cleaner I have ever used. Very convenient to carry around. Well worth the price! Takes a little time to learn to use. Once you do, off you go!


Buying more (again!)

5/8/2020 by Teresa

I originally bought these when they came out several years ago. Not only have I purchased more (several times) to give as gifts and to replace the worn out ones, but I have shown them to literally hundreds of people how easy they are to keep and use. My husband keeps one in his pocket daily, like his wallet. We keep one in his truck and one in my car as well. If it doesn't work for you, maybe you're not squeezing hard enough! It does take about 5 seconds of practice to get it right. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS INGENIOUS PRODUCT!



5/8/2020 by Karen

I love these! I carry Peeps around everywhere so my glasses are always squeaky clean.


Bought 2 More

5/6/2020 by Joel

I bought a Peeps lens cleaner about a year ago. I liked it so much, I bought 2 more for my car and office. They work great and I don't have to deal with sprays and lens cloths.


great product-really works

5/4/2020 by marc

easy to use and works quite well


Works great!

5/4/2020 by Susan

Bought this as a gift and I know the person has re-ordered more. They love it!


Works Well!

4/30/2020 by Nichole

I needed eye glass cleaners that would be easy to carry (not a large spray bottle and wipes) and actually work. These work well. I have had them for a while now and they still work as well as the day they arrived in the mail. Very happy with them. I will repurchase if they do die out at some point. I think I have already gotten my moneys worth and more!


Works Great

4/24/2020 by Margie

I am so pleased with these glass cleaners!! The first I’ve found that really work. I gave them as a gift to my daughter as well and she said she can’t believe how well they work! So thank you from both of us.

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The Peeps™ Story

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner by Peeps™ | The Grommet®

Keep Lenses Clear

Get your glasses cleaner than cloths and sprays with this carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Peeps uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station, because carbon helps repel dirt.

First, use the natural bristle brush to dust off any bigger particles. Then clean off oils with the two facing carbon pads—they sandwich each lens and clean it on both sides. The shape is designed to reach even dirt that builds up in nooks and crannies.

The pads are self-cleaning, too. While in the case, the
friction between the pads causes the carbon molecules to shift, creating a fresh cleaning surface each time.

Slip Peeps into your pocket and carry a high-tech cleaning station wherever you go.
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